Witness the Lynnsanity is the 11th episode of The Marvelous Adventures of Luna and Luan. 


Luna and Luan pop Lynn's lucky football, and pin the blame on Lincoln.


Luna is looking for her drumsticks, when Lynn reveals she used them for something, and they're in her room. Luna and Luan go up to the room to get the drumsticks, but instead find Lynn's rarest football. They mess around and play with the ball, and it pops.

Worried, they leave the drumsticks and leave the room. They then hang out with Lincoln, when Lynn shows up. Lynn is furious and demands to know who did this to her precious football. Lincoln tells her they did it, while they say it was Lincoln, and if they were in the room then the drumsticks would be gone.

Of course, Lynn believes Luna and Luan, and carries Lincoln offscreen, and screaming and punches are heard. Luan says that she's sure Lincoln's fine and they go about their business, while Lincoln takes beating after beating. Then Lincoln comes in Lynn has gone crazy, and he wants them to hide him.

Luna and Luan want to know what happened, so Lincoln tells them Lynn would stop beating him if he admitted he popped it, but he refused to, and she went nuts. Lynn busts into the room and picks up Lincoln, and before she punches him, Luna and Luan confess. Lincoln and Lynn reveal the knew they did it, and Lynn never even hit Lincoln, and the whole thing was done to get them to confess. Lynn puts Lincoln down, and Lincoln rushes out of the room slamming the door shut behind him. Luna and Luan frantically try to reason with Lynn, but the episode ends with them screaming (presumably because Lynn got a hold of them).