William Henry "Willy" Loud III is a supporting character of The Luxurious Loud House.


Willy Loud was born on February 15, 2003. He is the second youngest child and older son of William H. Loud Jr. and Gloria Loud. His father, William Loud Jr., is the Mayor of Royal Woods. He is Lynn Loud II's boyfriend and the second cousin of the Loud children. He is the younger brother of Jennifer and Sarah, and the older brother of Jake.


Willy is an athletic and competitive boy like his second cousins Richard and Lynn. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and is very loving towards Lynn. He is a very sweet person and very kind towards a lot of people. He is a handsome young man who is very bright and very intelligent. However, Willy's personality can be altered if anything bad happened to Lynn or any of his siblings.


Willy is around Leni's height and is muscular. He has brown hair and a pointy nose. His hairstyle and facial appearance somewhat resembles Loni Loud from The Loud House, who is the boy version of his eighth cousin, Leni Loud. He wears a blue shirt with white stripes and a red and white track jacket, wears grey and white sports shoes, and blue and white track pants, and has gold rings on each of his fingers except his thumbs like his girlfriend. He sometimes is seen in a blue suit with a red and white striped tie and dark grey dress shoes.