Wild Frog (known as Frog Wild!) is an episode in the newest loud house.


Lana buys a frog, but then Lana realizes the frog is wild.And also she found out it can hurt the Family.


The school day has finished. So Lana goes to the pet store to buy a new pet. She had some bucks in the pocket. Lana arrived in a mere ten minutes. There was too many pets to choose, but of the animals that offered (such dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, iguanas, and even snakes) Lana had them all. She wanted an animal that she don't has. Eventually, at the corner, she found a frog in a small hole. Lana asked for it. The salesman said that the frog is not on sale, because is a specimen catched from Jamaica. Lana offers the salesman all her money. As she had $300 dollars in the pocket, the salesman agreed her to keep the frog. It also gived her a water tank, some flies in a jar, and a very sticky bubble gum for her. Already in home, Lana tries to keep the frog hidden from the siblings. Passing above the older sisters was easy. Now she needs to get to her room. Fortunately Lola wasn't home at the time, giving Lana enough time to build a home for the frog. Lana named him 'Seymoor II'. But Seymoor II don't was like Seymoor I, because the second frog always is looking at the window, thinking in go back to Jamaica, to see his family. When Lana wasn't in home, but Lincoln and Leni yes. Seymoor II escaped from the room, to the living room. There Lincoln know that the frog is not an american species (thanks Lisa). Leni said that the frog only wants to go home. Lincoln telled her that the frog is from Jamaica, but also is poisonous. So they ran to the airport packaging to send the frog back to Jamaica. In the way they found Lana. This is asking what have in the box. Leni said that there was nothing in the box, but Seymoor II make the 'ribbit'. And Lana know that Lincoln and Leni want to get away the frog from Lana. So Lana chased Lincoln and Leni until the airport. There Lincoln put the box in the conveyor trail, and explained Lana that the frog she bought was poisonous. So the three siblings ran to the park, to the mud, to remove the poison. It's all okay, until they noticed that the house was still having Seymoor II's scent. They ran to the house to sparce mud in it before someone more gets exposed.