Wilbur T. Huggins is a minor character of The Luxurious Loud House.


Huggins was born in 1962. As a kid, he was a lonely boy who didn't have any friends to keep him company. Instead, he had Ace Savvy comics which made him very happy despite the harsh criticism he got from three boys who were playing baseball nearby. He wanted to make his own comic and get recognized but failed so he focused on studying. He worked hard and became a teacher and later a principal of Royal Woods Elementary School. However, he became corrupt and susceptible to bribes, particularly from The Loud family. It was revealed in "A Lavish Birthday Party" that Richard Loud bribed Huggins into giving himself, Lincoln, and the latter's sister Lana a lesser punishment for rescuing frogs.


Huggins outwardly appeared to be honest, rule-following, and very authoritative and willing to punish students for breaking the school rules, however, behind closed doors, he is a corrupt school official who is easily susceptible to bribes, and is under The Loud family's payroll, as shown when he was paid $50,000 to give Richard, Lincoln and Lana lesser punishments for them for rescuing frogs.