The epiode all starts with Lincoln going to he computer. He looks up his You Tube channel.

Lincoln: Good! My video has 1 vote. 

Lincoln refreshes his computer and looks suprised 

Lincoln: I have 6,345 votes? Wow. I mean, it's not like a become famous or something. Heheheheh

Lincoln refreshes

Lincoln:I have 888,345,677 votes on my video!

Lincoln refreshes again

Lincoln: I keep on getting votes!

Lisa: What in the scientific discovery I am seeing here what are you on your computer?

Lincoln: I have lots of votes on my video. Ahhh oh well. I will just watch Fox News.

Announcer: It looks like Lincoln Loud is a new You Tube Star!


Lisa: What's wrong?

Lincoln: I am famous.

The loud kids come in

All: Are we going to be famous too?

Lincoln:No you guys

All: Aww.

Lincolns phone rings saying the phone number 662-534-6789091


Unknown Number: Lincoln Loud, you are going to move to Hawaii.

Unknown Number hangs up

Lincoln is frozen

Lori: Linc?

The Loud Sisters Back Up

Luna: How will we save Lincoln?

Lori:I don't know

Lynn: Let's replace all his things with footballs

Luan: No Lynn

Lynn: Your right Luan

Luan:Thanks Lynn for understanding

Lynn: Your welcome

Lana: It's not chatty time girls. We must save Lincoln.

Lily: Poo-poo (But how?)

Lola: Eww. Lily just got a poo poo.

Lori gets a fresh diaper

Lori changes her diaper

Loud Sisters Expect Lori And Lily: Ewww

Lori: Shut up cocunut eaters

Lisa:We do not eat cocunut.

Leni: Guys we need to save Lincoln


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