Vito Filliponio is a supporting character of The Luxurious Loud House. He is the CFO of Loud Industries and an old friend of The Loud Family.


Vito Filliponio was born on June 14, 1949 in New York City, New York and grew up in Little Italy. He speaks in a Brooklyn accent. He started working for Loud Industries in 1965 and was promoted to CFO in 1989. He moved to Royal Woods in 1970. Hector Casagrande mentioned in TLH episode: "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" that Filliponio whitens his teeth. He is the father in-law of Royal Woods Mafia Don Carlo Navarra.


Filliponio is a friendly and good natured figure. He is very willing to keep the financial status of Loud Industries as good as possible. He is also cautious of his dental hygiene as he is revealed to whiten his teeth.


Vito Filliponio is an Italian-American male with grey hair combed backwards. He wore a white shirt with brown suspenders and a brown jacket. He now wears a light grey suit with a yellow tie and black dress shoes.