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    (Also available on the actual Loud House Wikia and in my blog post and on Deviant Art)

    This is my songfic based on the real song from the 1980s "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money, featuring Ronnie Spector from the group the Ronnettes the singers of "Be My Baby."

    Only instead of Money and Spector, Lincoln Loud will be performing this and Ronnie Anne Santiago, who has the same first name as Spector, will be singing this. This won't be as fancy but there will be some word changes and a little bit of tweaking. 

    I talked about this in 

    So ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Lincoln and Ronnie!


    LINCOLN: Ohhh ohhh ohhh

    Yeah yeah, Yee-ay Ee-ay

    Verse 1

    I feel a hunger, it's a hunger.

    That tries to keep a…

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    Hi, I never posted fanfiction on this wikia before so I'm posting it on my blog. I hope that's all right. Fanfics are posted on the actual Loud House Wikia website, including this fanfic I hope you'll read and enjoy. If not, where can I post this?

    Summary: Luan Loud tells her sisters and Lincoln this story about a swearing parrot. No swear words will be featured. This is based on a real joke but I am going to tell it through Luan since she's the comedic one.

    Rated K+ Ala-Prima

    Comments are greatly appreciated but comment only if you want to.


    Lincoln and nine of his sisters are in the living room, sitting on or around the couch watching T.V. Then Luan quickly comes down the stairs and into the living room and turns off the T.V.

    "LUAN!" Lin…

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