The Letter X1

aka The Letter X

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on January 31
  • My occupation is Middle schooler
  • I am Male/Attack helicopter
  • The Letter X1

    The Show is going to be called The Loud House; The Luan Out Loud Show

    Here’s how it’s going to be… in TLH;TLOLS Remember that episode where Lincoln tried to make a video project but it went to bad and Luan show him how to create a good video. She showed him Luan Out Loud and it had 50,000 subs well have you wondered what happened to her channel. ONE YEAR LATER

    Luan X. Loud (15 years) in TLH;TLOLS becomes a talk show hostess after her channel reaches 100,000 subscribersthat’s means that she has reached the point where she starts selling out, even though she is a total a$$hole she still cares about her friends and the show (well more the show). Her modified character is based off talk show host like Alex Jones and Space Ghost. The wise crackin…

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