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The third season has arrived to its end. This is a very nice experience to me, because none of my other shows could survive beyond Season 3. Now I want to share to you the official episode list for Season 4.

N. S. C. Title Story by Synopsis New?
53 1 61 Welcome Back, Louds! Me Better read the third season to know what is this. No
54 2 62 Six Months Later... Me Lincoln asks Clyde what happened since his deportation. Yes
55 3 63 Lily's Day Out Pablo Solis When taking Lily to take her a photo, this escapes. No
56 4 64 4 vs. 4 vs. 4 Me Taked after a TVTropes page: The Louds plus Clyde compete for seeing what's the best group. No
57 5 65 Technology Trouble Me The Loud siblings are disconnected from their devices, so they find ways to not be bored No
58 6 66 Dimension Lost Me

Lisa accidentally sends Lincoln to other dimension.

This episode has a surprise!

59 7 67 Lucky Seven Me Lucy wins the lottery, but the wealthness is going over her head. No
60 8 68 What Am I? Me The Louds play Pictionary, but they turn in drawings. No
61 9 69 Monopoliloud Me The Louds play Monopoly, but L... takes it too seriously. No
62 10 70 Six Flags, Twelve Guys Me The Louds, plus Clyde, won a year-pass to Six Flags. Yes
63 11 71 New Girl in Town Me A new girl called Bonnie moves to town, and she has a crush on Clyde. Yes
64 12 72 Literally! Me Lori gets the ability of making the others do or be what she wants when she say Literally Yes
65 13 73 Going Viral Me The reputation of the Louds is going downhill after someone uploaded a video of them doing stupid things. No
66 14 74 Four Lincolns and a Girlfriend Me The french, canadian, and neo-zelandese Lincolns compete for which of them stays with american Lincoln's girlfriend: Ronnie Anne. No
67 15 75 Pink and Blue Me Lola and Lana have an argue, and they cannot be more together Yes
68 16 76 76 Gas Stop Me The Louds have to pee, but the gas station bathroom has a long line. Yes
69 17 77 Pinball Panic Me The Louds buy a pinball machine, but start to over-playing with it. No.
70 18 78 The Tooth Hurts Pablo Solis? Lincoln's chipped tooth is about to fall. The sisters try different ways to extract it. It was in Probably
71 19 79 Beware with Bets Me When Lincoln is playing online, he accidentally bets the house property. No
72 20 80 8 Ball Leni Me When Leni puts the 8-ball inside the pocket, believes she will have bad luck.


73 21 81 Cannonball! Me Lana fears of falling from the pool's trampoline. Yes
74 22 82 Bomb Message Me Lola sends a bomb message to all her friends, causing her reputation goes down. Yes
75 23 83 Frozen, But Not on Ice Me Lisa freezes all the Loud siblings, now she has to defrost them before they melt. No
76 24 84 Music Video Me Luna's music school has sent her a homework: she has to do a music video within a week. No
77 25 85 1% Battery Me Lori's phone is about to die, but all the contacts are occuped. If she doesn't gets an empty contact, all her data will be erased. Yes
78 26 86 I Also Exist Me After being treated as a living prop, Lily decides to finally talk and do more than baby things. No
79 27 87 Lin-Lang Mr.Yokai Another Lisa invention fails, and Leni is converted in a water spirit, and Lincoln in a fire spirit. No
80 28 88 Tetra-Linc Me Lincoln starts an addiction by Tetris. No
81 29 89 A Poisonous Soda Pablo Solis Lincoln and Clyde have a soda stand, but someone poisoned the soda. Now they have to find a cure. No
82 30 90-91 Nomi-Loud-ted for an Oscar Pablo Solis When the Louds end their trip thru Hollywood, they mistakenly get nominated for an Oscar. Clip Show. It was in Probably
83 31 92 I Scream for Paintballs! Mr.Yokai It's summer and Lincoln sets a paintball game, but it goes too wild. No.
84 32 93 Silly Superstitions Me It's Friday 13, and Lynn is nervous because that day is her football finale. No
85 33 94 The Great Pudding Robbery Me Someone robbed all the puddings in the fridge. So Lincoln needs to solve the case. No
86 34 95 Klingon Loud Me Lincoln starts to write in klingonese (after watching Star Trek). But no one understands his scripts. No
87 35 96 Psychic Madame Me Lucy starts a prediction stand, but her predictions are over the top. Yes
88 36 97 Darkness Awaken Mr.Yokai Ace Savvy and co. have a new enemy No
89 37 98 Tales from the Loud House Me The Louds tell three stories that involve non-canon fic. No
90 38 99 Loud House: The Musical Me Basically a schoolplay about Lincoln's life, adapted in a musical. No
91 39 100


Me When advised that the house is gonna be demolished, the Louds try to avoid that . No

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