Here are the lists of them as Mario characters!

The Cast

  • Lincoln Loud: Mario
  • Clyde Mcbride: Luigi
  • Ronnie Anne Santiago: Princess Peach
  • Penelope: Princess Daisy
  • Wilbur Huggins: Bowser
  • Lisa Loud: Professor E. Gadd
  • Lexx Loud (Genderbent Lola Loud): Bowser Junior
  • Lola Loud: Wendy O. Koopa
  • Leon Loud (Genderbent Lily Loud): Lemmy Koopa
  • Luke Loud (Genderbent Luna Loud): Roy Koopa
  • Levi Loud: (Genderbent Lisa Loud): Iggy Koopa
  • Loni Loud (Genderbent Leni Loud): Morton Koopa Jr.
  • Lane Loud (Genderbent: Luan Loud): Larry Koopa
  • Lynn Loud (Male Version): Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Chandler: Waluigi
  • Papa Wheelie: Wario

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