Hello, this is the first of a series of blogs reviewing the show of The New Loud House, a series in which i work. Today touches the turn of the first episode.


But before...

Every episode will get a rating this is the ranking will put for the episodes.

0 (Terrible), 1 (Never watched), 2 (A kind of luck), 3 (Bad-well), 4 (Regular), 5 (Cromulent), 6 (Aceptable), 7 (The staff aproves it), 8 (Excellent), 9 (Amazing), 10 (Practicly Perfection).

Now we can begin...

Actually, i doesn't got really MUCH information about this episode, cause i join to the show in the Season 2. The plot of this episode is normal. Lincoln actually scaping from the house and losing is not to be really NEW. But that don't mean that this is a bad episode. Some of the jokes are actually good.

Also, i think that things go real fast. Lincoln just ends annoyed  and try to scape, but this is aceptable, at all, are the first seasons and later, the staff will get more experienced about this.

I love how the sisters accept actually why Lincoln was annoyed and try to scape. This is the first episode of the show, and it presents of what treats, and there's not really now, is just another fan-fictional serie, but, that don't mean that is bad. Other shows that aired by the same time, such crossovers or Lola Toons.

In the next episode, "Getting Back", we can see the complete story, meaning the end. But there's an actual fact that gives more points: seeing today, when Season 5 is being maked, is really interesant and nostalgic to see the first seasons of the episode and how the show evolutioned.

Final rating: And is...... 8 (Excellent). It shows a real great story, with the sisters and Lincoln's actitude being greatful. The only things bad is that the story goes too fast...and don't we get some much of "creativity", but that don't make it bad.