Well, this is the second actually, now we make the "continuity episode" from previous one.


Hello, all!

Getting Back, this episode will make the end of the first episode. By far, this episode contains a more "creative" plot that the previous.

I love the variated things the family does for can back again to his house. Also, this episode give us more of the personality of some characters, specially Lisa, who we can instantly say that is really intelligent when he memorizes the travel again to home. This episode is also more like an adventure, while the Louds help and help for can survive to the difficulties and hardness of the forest.

The final scene, where they breakfast, is one of my favorites. Which describes how, thought the family is big and the fights are costant, the love will stay ever between they. I love it.

The pass for find again the home are also great. There is also the trouble the previous episode got, the story's realization goes too fast and if they make it more longer, probably brings more fun and curiosity to public.

Final rating: And is, 9 (Amazing) Greatful story that show us the show. It's a great continuity to the previous episode. Another point is, as i say, the final scene of the breakfast. This episode probably got 10 if the story don't go too much fast, but the time theme will be perfectioned in the next episode.