With Lincoln

Ready to brawl. No, really.

With Lori

Really doesn't have a care. Extra really.

With Leni

Very impatience. Once said "Beware. I will have a brawl with you if you leave. Again."

With Luna

Always brings Lemon-Tron with him. And yes, CHOCOLATE RAIN.......................................

With Luan

Practically annoyed. And annoyed. In "Prank-Back!", He totally snapped it, and decided to try and prank her.

With Lynn

Same with Luna, except this time: YOU GO OH!

With Lucy

IT'S A SECRET......... IT'S A SECRET........... IT'S TOTALLY A SECRET.........

With Lana

Calls her "Trash Girl".

With Lola

In all other episodes, he likes her. In "Save some Mina to buy some China!", He calls Lola a "Chinese Princess", due to her being hypnotized by one of Lemon-Tron's video, that was supposed to make Luan speak chinese.

With Lisa

No Relations, except he went into her room and accidently genderbended his whole family. (not including Cristana. He genderbended The characters which were first sawn in Loud House. No characters in Louder House was genderbent)

With Lily

Calls Lily "Poo Poo", but that was when Lily was 1 year old. Now he is afraid to call Lily names, due to him seeing 10-year old Lily getting super mad and chasing Lincoln. You can see why in the "LINCOLN'S NEW SIDES!"

With Lemon-tron

Friends forever!

With Link

Sorry. Sorry. Hey Link! CAN YOU ERASE THIS?

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