Episode 2. If anyone wants to be in crew, ask me.

  • Lincoln:(watering the plants) Ahh. Nothing like watering plants, before a garden party. But you ask, what is a garden party? A garden party is a party in the garden. And people come. All our neighbors come to the party. And our friends too. Thats how a garden party works.
  • Lori:Hey Lincoln. Do you need help with the garden?
  • Lincoln:Yeah. You can pull out some weeds. The garden is all messed up with weeds.
  • Lori:Thanks Lincoln. 
  • Lincoln:Your welcome. Just dont jerk em.
  • Lincoln(sets up food on a picnic table. Nearly done, he sees a bunny trying to eat carrots) Hey Bunny! Get out of here! Your messing up our carrots. (Looks at a carrot as the bunny hops away) Aww. These need harvesting though. (He pulls out the carrot and puts it in the trash) Putting this in trash cause we dont want anyone to eat this or they will be a bunny! (He laughs)
  • Luan:Hey Lincoln. I see your growing onions. Can i borrow them to make them fried cause Moms cooking a green bean casserole.
  • Lincoln:Sure. You can pull some out. They need harvesting.
  • Luan:Thanks. 
  • Lincoln:Your welcome. Just dont mess up these onions. People like these onions good.
  • Luan:I will be careful.
  • Lincoln: Okay.
  • (Guests are in the driveway)
  • Lincoln: Hello, Clyde, Liam, Zach, Rusty, Aunt Ruth.
  • (Lincoln gets out food)
  • Let's eat!