The following spin-off template is 100% copied from Open Source Wiki and SpongeBob Fan Wiki. As per the Creative Commons 3.0, this is under fair use.

Kelpy G/SBFW Spin-Off Template
Created by {{{creator}}}
Original run {{{run}}}
Opening theme {{{theme}}}
Genre {{{genre}}}
Format {{{format}}}
# of seasons {{{season}}}
# of episodes {{{episode}}}
Starring {{{stars}}}
Spin-off status {{{status}}}
Directed by {{{directed}}}
Writer(s) {{{writer}}}
Creative directors {{{creative}}}
Storyboard artist(s) {{{artist}}}
Plot creators {{{plot}}}
Producer(s) {{{producer}}}
Supervising producer(s) {{{supervise}}}
Executive producers {{{executive}}}
Production company {{{company}}}
Title card creator(s) {{{card}}}
Preceded by {{{preceded}}}
Followed by {{{followed by}}}

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