Loud House: The Musical is the thirty-ninth episode of Season 4.


The school group chooses to adapt Lincoln's life in a musical, the problem is that Lincoln doesn't knows how to sing.


We're a week from the school play. Today is all of debating all that is the planning. The pupils suggest several ideas for the play of seventh grade. On that we can see, adapting a Twilight novel, or of the Hunger Games, or Harry Potter. But all the classmates boo them because Twilight is overrated, the Hunger Games too hard, and the last book of Harry Potter generated doubts. An unknown classmate proposes something interesting. The others listen with attention. Adapt the life of someone Lincoln Loud in a musical format. The idea doesn't sounds too bad. The classmates finally decided the play.

Meanwhile, Lincoln (who hadn't got to school that day because he had diarrhea), when notices the matter, doesn't knows how to react at using his image without permission. The next day, Lincoln appears disimulating the surprise. When they say it to him, Lincoln acts a little weird. When they ask why he acts that way, Lincoln tells them that he doesn't knows to sing (remember, the song of this episode wasn't sung by Lincoln). The others have four days to teach him to sing before the play.

There had been passed two days, and Lincoln still doesn't knows how to sing. Even after showing him 'La La Land', he still doesn't know. When the others try to show him how to do it, Lincoln starts to agree with the idea. After 14 hours of practice, it seems Lincoln is ready to do it, but when he makes the final essay, he notices that he doesn't has a voice (it will take a little to come back). The others alarm, because now that Lincoln has no voice, they have two options, or cancel the play, or they find a replacement. The guys decide to find a replacement, and they call for auditions to be able to do the play. At seeing nobody fills the expectings, they are about to cancel. Until -oh surprise- the sisters come with an idea. Lincoln asks (on his mind) how did they knew of the play. Simple, the guys didn't disguised it too well. Luna (apart of helpìng with the soundtrack), gives Clyde a recording of Lincoln's essay (no idea how she did placed a microphone and a recorder). The play is saved. Time to act.

The curtain rises, Lincoln makes lip-sync with the recording. At the end, all notice the average the play was, because didn't had the expected standards of the others.

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