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[scene starts with Lincoln, in his room]

Lincoln: Ahhh, nothing like spending the weekend reading comics in your undies. So, you might be wondering why I’m inside reading comics in my undies. [lincoln stands up to put on his clothes] Usually, my family loves to go outside. But, it’s kind of cloudy right now, and the TV said that it’s gonna rain, so we’re all inside right now.

[Lincoln goes downstairs to join everyone watching TV]

Lincoln: and plus, mom and dad are out, so that means Lori is in charge.

Lincoln: Hey, what’re you guys watching?

Laura: We’re just watching the weather channel today.

Lincoln: Um, guys, the storm isn’t gonna be THAT bad. You guys should watch something else, more fun, like, anything else.

Lori: Yeah, but Lincoln, the channel says that this storm is literally gonna be the worst in a while. We have to, like, prepare.

Lincoln: ugh..

TV: Uh oh, i’m receiving intel that the storm is about to start! Everyone get inside and stay inside! It’s gonna be scary!

[lucas and lee hold each other]

Lincoln: Don’t worry guys, it’s not gonna be that bad.

[it starts to rain outside, with a couple of thunderbolts here and there]

Lucas, Lee, and Lesly: AAAAA!!

Lincoln: What’s up with them?

Luke: You don’t know? They’re super scared of thunder.

Lincoln: Oh, right, I forgot.

Lori: We should, like, probably all go into the basement. It’ll be safer there.


Lesly, Lauren, Lee, Lucas: AAAAAA!

Lucas: You’re scared of thunder too?

Lauren [shuttering]: What? I’m like, not scared of anything.

Lincoln: Come on guys, let’s go!

[scene cuts to the family, running towards the basement door, Lincoln tries to open the door, but it’s locked]

Lincoln: It’s jammed shut.

[really loud lightning strike, lights go out]

Some people: AAAAAAHH!!!!!!

Lenny: Wait! I just remembered, the keys to the basement are in the bathroom!

Lori: Well, i’m not going upstairs in the dark!

Everyone else: Lincooolnnn..

Lincoln: Dang it..

Everyone else: [talking]

Lee: Goodluck Lincoln!

[lincoln walks upstairs, with a flashlight]

Lincoln: Alright, the bathroom, is over there, the bathroom, is over there.

[lincoln walks slowly into the bathroom]

Lincoln: Uhhh…. There are the keys.. [steps on creaky floor tile, at the same time, a lightning bolt, and a ‘shadow’ is seen on screen] AAAH! It’s the bathroom monster! [runs out of room, runs downstairs] AAAAH!

Lesly: Did you survive?

Lee: What do you think?

Lincoln: [gasping for breath] I got the keys!

Lori: Great, now we can go downstairs!

[lori unlocks the door to the basement, and they all go downstairs]

Lori: Okay guys, the storm should end in about 30 minutes.

Lee: I can’t wait 30 minutes down here!

Lucas: Well, we’re going to have to.


Lesly: At least it’s not as loud down here

Louise: Hey! I know! We could all play some rain games!

Lincoln: Like what?

Louise: I dunno.

Luke: Hey guys! I still have my back up, deflated soccer ball, we could use it to play something!

Lenny: Where are we going to find an air pump?

Luke: We don’t need one! [starts blowing into the soccer hole thingy, and loses breath]

Luke [lightheaded]: Oohhh, maybe we do need one…

Lincoln: There’s nothing we can do here! I can’t wait 30 minutes doing nothing! We have to do something about this!

Lori: Yeah, and do what? Tell the thunder to stop? Lincoln, we can’t just control the weather.

Lincoln: But I know something we can do! We haven’t been in this place forever, maybe we can scavenge the basement for something interesting!

Lauren: And get my hands dirty? I’m out.

Lee and Lucas: I’m in!

Everyone else [besides lauren and laura]: Me too!

Laura: I don’t have anything better to do, why not.

[everyone starts scavenging the basement for something interesting]

Louise: Heyyy, it’s my old video camera! I remember when I used to use this when I was 8.

Lincoln: Guys! Look! I found one of mom’s books!

Laura: The one about us?

Louise: Woah, mom's been looking for that for months! Nice going Linc!

Lucas: Well, what else are we going to do?

Lee: I think I got enough dust in my hands, I don’t think I can see them anymore.


Lee: What was that?

Lincoln: Wait, what was that?

[a figure starts walking towards the family]


Everyone else: AAAAAH! [runs upstairs]

[everyone runs upstairs, lori shuts the door and lincoln is left inside]

Lincoln: Guys! GUYS! [slamming on the door]

[scene cuts to the people out of the basement]

Lucas and Lee: Yeah! We caught the monster!

Lori: Okay, I think we’re all going to have to stay up here.

[lightning strike]

Lee, Lucas, and Lesly: AAAH!

Lenny: Well, there are perks and disadvantages to everything.

[scene cuts to Lincoln, still slamming the door]

Lincoln: GUYS!!!!! Oh no, they can’t hear me! I’m left here with the monster!

[the figure can be seen sitting down the stairs]

Lincoln: [heavily breathing] Well, I guess sometimes, a man's gotta be a man.. But I can’t!

Lincoln: [gulping] Well, let’s hope for the best.. AAAAA!!!!! [lincoln charges at the figure, the scene cuts to the family which escaped for a little second]

Lori: [gasp] Lincoln!

[Lincoln charges at the figure, as he hits it the figure dismantles]

Lincoln: What the- What is mom’s old mannequin doing here?


Lincoln: CLIFF! You were the one in the suit?!

[the door bursts open, the family charges down the stairs, as they see Lincoln okay, they stop all of sudden]

Louise: Lincoln! Are you okay?!

Lincoln: Yeah, it just turns out that the bathroom monster was Cliff.

Lenny: Hey, it sounds like the weather is clearing up.

Lee: So, is there a bathroom monster?

Lincoln: I guess not.

[the lights turn back on]

Everyone: Woohoo! Powers back!

Lincoln [to the audience]: Well, I guess it all ends up well. Sure, storms might be scary, but it’s all going to end up okay. And hey, you never know what you might find during one.

Louise: I’m gonna check out my old films!

Lincoln: Wait! I think I left something in the bathroom.

[lincoln goes to the bathroom, and turns on the lights, seeing a figure behind the shower curtains]

Lincoln: AAAH! It’s the bathroom monster! AAAAAH! [lincoln runs out]

[lenny then looks around the shower curtains and shrugs to the audience]


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