Episode Information Transcript

Thunderst-home is the first episode of The Loud House: Gender Mix


A thunderstorm traps the family inside the house without electricity.


The episode starts with Lincoln reading comics in his underwear, he then explains why everyone is inside, claiming that it’s because of the poor weather and mom and dad not being home. Lincoln then goes downstairs to see what everyone else is doing. He sees that the family is watching the weather channel, and Lori explains to Lincoln that the storm is going to be the ‘worst in a while.’ The storm then starts scaring the younger members of the family. Lincoln confused, asks why they are afraid, and Luke explains that they are very scared of thunder.

Lori decides to go to the basement, so the younger family members don’t get jump-scared, she then realizes that the door is locked, and the power goes out. Laura then remembers that the keys are in the bathroom, and the family chooses Lincoln to go upstairs. Lincoln goes upstairs to get the keys, but then gets scared seeing a shadow in the bathroom. Lincoln then runs down, with the keys, and Lori opens the door. Louise suggests that to pass the time, they can play rain games. Luke suggests that they can play with his deflated soccer ball, but can’t inflate it. Lincoln then decides that they should scavenge the basement, and the others find some items.

Suddenly, they see a figure, scared, the family rushes upstairs, but leave Lincoln behind. Lincoln, out of fear, attacks the figure, only to realize that the figure was an old mannequin that was being moved by Cliff. The family then comes down to check on Lincoln, and they find out that the bathroom monster was never real. Lincoln then goes upstairs and finds a shadow behind the shower curtain, scared, he flees away. Lenny then looks in front of the shower curtain, confused, he shrugs to the audience.