1. S1E0 The Second Newest Loud House -

2. S1E1 Snow Builder- Lisa builds a machine that can make snow shapes.  S1E1B Anger Entertainment Voicemail Lori accidentally sent a angry voicemail to Lincoln. So she tries her best to delete it before he reads it.

3. S1E2 The New Year Count-down-athon - The louds celebrate new years

4. S1E3 House is Louder - The house gets louder and louder.

5. S1E4 - In Charge! - With Mom and Dad out of the house and Lori, Leni, Luna and Luan in college, They leave Lynn in charge, but havoc breaks out when everyone except Lincoln, Lisa and Lily misbehaves and so Lynn locks Lucy and the twins in their rooms and Mom and Dad came home and found they were locked, They yelled at Lynn for locking them in the rooms and she got grounded

6. Home For Break - The 4 oldest come home from college for break. Lincoln starts to worry and when they came home, they were so happy to see everyone especially Lincoln and so Luna wanted to hang out with him and the day became great and 6 days later, they went back to college and Lincoln was sad but Mom, Dad and Lynn cheered Lincoln up and Lynn decide to sleep with Lincoln again so he can have some company and the episode ended off with them sleeping.

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