The Sawyer Family are a new family seen in the Deluxe Loud House. The females in the family happen to look like models, and are very beautiful indeed.


About eight weeks ago, a big family of burlesque/pinup models who own two Audis moved in, they all have natural jet black hair, with hypnotic gray eyes.

Family Members

Image Name Description
Randy Sawyer
Roxanne Sawyer
Roxanne Sawyer Roxanne is Randy's wife. She is a professional burlesque model, who's been in her career for nearly 20 years. However, she is a loving woman who truly cares about her daughters, and will bend over backwards for them.
Robin Sawyer (1)
Robin Sawyer Robin is the oldest sibling, at 18 years old. She is quiet and keeps to herself, but still knows how to have a good ol' time. She also gets offended easily, but either way, she is a skilled makeup artist, and has the most skills with her makeup.
Rachel Sawyer-0
Rachel Sawyer
Rachel Sawyer Rachel is the second oldest sibling. She has the best fashion sense, besides Robin. She is rather happy go lucky, despite not being too smart. However, she is a funny person, who is highly outgoing. She is 17 years old.
Rebecca Sawyer
Rebecca Sawyer Rebecca is the rebel of the group. She enjoys listening to heavy metal and British punk rock. Lastly, she frequently butts heads with Robin and Rachel. She is 16 years old
Rosemary Sawyer-0
Rosemary Sawyer
Rosemary Sawyer Rosemary is a funny girl who has the best puns. However, she rarely makes any jokes, due to fear of them not being good, and because she's rather shy. She is also 15 years old.
Riley Sawyer
Riley Sawyer
Rosalie Sawyer
Rosalie Sawyer
Rosana Sawyer
Rosana Sawyer

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