The Prank Before Christmas is the second episode from The Luan Loud Serie.


Luan makes pranks the night before X-Mas, so Santa gets annoying and make pranks to Luan


The episode begins with Luan makes pranks the night before christmas, making for example:Put dinamite and explosives in the box gifts, making the X-Mas Cookies with false creme, and locking all the room of the Louds making they no can out from look the living.

In North Pole, Santa looks in the cameras the Luan's pranks, he gets annoyed and decides no makes gifts to Luan, but he thinks after what no is suficient for Luan stop his pranks.So, he goes in their reeinders and the sled and goes to Louds's Home.

Now in the house, Santa spy Luan and their pranks, now he put snow in all the house, and also make a plan of when the Louds gets to the living room, put the temperature to 10 below zero.

Santa is surprised and make what Luan falls in all of his traps and also the Santa's traps.As fall in dinamite, a big snow-bag fall up, the christmas tree fall up Luan and also what Luan try to scapes from his room's window after can open the door, and Santa making the reeinders eat the stairs where Luan is it.

In the end, Luan making go down the snow as a castor, and Santa says is famous phrase"Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas".Ending the episode.