"We're trouble, and we know it." - Aspen Nilssen

Aspen Nilssen


Aspen is known to wear full face makeup, with red eye shadow to go with her hypnotic gray eyes. She also has long and luscious jet black hair that goes down to her knees, with Bettie-Page style bangs over her forehead, she tends to keep this hairstyle because she takes great pride in her hair, and when her hair gets messed up, she instantly gets angry.

She's known to have a pretty face, with thick cherry red lips that compliment her face, complete with a sassy facial expression.

Aspen also usually is seen on screen wearing a black leather jacket, with a black leather skirt, and a black blouse underneath, with dyed black knee socks, and Mary-Jane slippers to go with it.

Her sleeping attire consists of a black gown, with no bangs over her forehead, and no makeup, as well as a black blindfold over her forehead.

Lastly, for Halloween, she dresses as a toxic toon.


Despite already being an Instagram model, Aspen feels as if there's more to it than just posting daily about what goes on in her life. She's gotten noticed by a few punk rockers, as well as a celebrity named Kat von D.

Usually, Aspen is extremely protective over what is hers, as well as her friends and her twin sister. If she senses that her friends or her sister is in danger, she'll immediately rush to their defense, be it a stalker, or a hater, she'll reign verbal hell on whoever is making her friends or her twin sister uncomfortable.

Despite being easily irritated, she doesn't resort to anger instantly, but it can build up, and if it reaches a certain point, she'll explode at whoever is currently irritating her, be it an authority figure, or some random person in the hallways at school.

She's also known the brutally honest with people, even towards the people she dislikes. However, she would never lie to anyone. She is completely unable to lie, without breaking down.

Her most annoying habit is calling her friends and Instagram followers Her Freaky People. Her Instagram followers tend to take this as a compliment, while her friends and family tend to think of this habit as annoying and pretentious. She is also known to only follow six hundred and sixty six people back on instagram, despite having over thirteen thousand followers.

Usually in the relationship department, Aspen can be a bit of a nightmare to date, due to her unusual standards. She expects the six foot tall dark haired guys to like her, yet dates the unusual looking goth guys and morticians.

Iris Nilssen


A promotion Aspen's real life inspiration posted on her Instagram story. Note the kissy lips emoji, and also, that's not my Instagram name anymore.


Iris is more on the natural looking side, preferring to wear as little makeup as possible, feeling more confident when she's all-natural.

Like Aspen, she has thick lips, that people usually imply she got injections on, but they as a matter of fact are au naturel. She also has blueish gray eyes that change color, depending on her mood.

She typically wears her hair with Anime style bangs, with a braid in her hair.

She is seen on screen wearing a black blouse with a teal skirt, and converse sneakers.

Her sleeping attire consists of plaid pajama pants and a white T-shirt.


Iris is more like an introvert, choosing her two pet rabbits as her friends over people, despite being allegiant to the revolutionists, she still hangs out with them because she doesn't want to be considered a weirdo.

Even though Iris is shy, there is a crippling depression inside her that comes and goes. When it comes, she is completely unable speak to anyone.

However, Iris is said to be extremely intelligent; and is an excellent fanfiction writer.

Her most annoying habit is drawing everything she sees.

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