The third season of The New Loud House will premiere in March 2017. It will have only 8 segments in 8 episodes.

General Plot

The second season finale implies the Louds are banned in the US. So they move to an island named St. Roy, locater near New Caledonia. Lincoln records every day on the island at the same time they try to go back home.

Episode List

G S C Image Title Synopsis Premiere
53 1 53
Castaway Occurs after Louds on the Run! Part 3. The Loud siblings search food in the island. March 28, 2017
54 2 54
We're Not Alone
We're Not Alone The Louds meet a tribe that are exactly like them. April 5, 2017
55 3 55
Mission Back to Home
Mission: Back to Home Lincoln starts to plan how to go back to Royal Woods April 11, 2017
56 4 56
Taking a Break
Taking a Break While relaxing in the island, a danger awaits in the island. April 18, 2017
57 5 57
A Birthday Away from Home
A Birthday Away from Home It's Lincoln's birthday, so the sisters try to organize him a party on the island May 9, 2017
58 6 58
FIRE! The island is on fire, so the Louds and the tribe need to extinguish it to be alive. May 15, 2017
59 7 59
Exotic Tastes REAL
Exotic Tastes The Louds give the tribe better food than they have May 17, 2017
60 8 60
Goodbye Island
Goodbye, Island In the season finale, the US Loud family notices the ban has over, so in their last day on the island try to bring a souvenir from the place. May 18, 2017