The second season of The New Loud House premiered December 26, 2016, and ended March 20, 2017. It contains 32 episodes.

Episode List

N. S. C. Image Title Plot Premiere
21 1 21
A Very Loud Christmas
A Very Loud Christmas The Loud siblings have troubles while assembling the tree. December 25, 2016 (Latin America).

December 26, 2016 (United States)

22 2 22
High Heel
High Heel Lola steals a pair of high heels from Lisa. Lola doesn't now that the heels can change height. January 4, 2017
23 3 25
Coupon Crazyness
Coupon Crazyness Leni starts an addiction for using coupons and saving money. January 7, 2017
24 4 44
Insert Episode Title Here
Insert Episode Title Here Lincoln learns how to program, and he makes a game about his family. January 8, 2017
25 5 43
Opposites An antology of how the Loud siblings would look if they had the opposite personality. January 8, 2017
26 6 28
Formal Event
Formal Event The Loud siblings need to buy formal cloth, or won't be able to go to a family meeting. January 10, 2017
27 7 29
Lincoln Dyes
Lincoln Dyes Tired of his white hair, Lincoln decides to dye his hair to one of his sisters color. January 11, 2017
28 8 26
Exchanging Pizzas
Exchanging Pizzas The american, italian and japanese Lincolns make a competition for seeing what's the better pizza. January 13, 2017
29 9 30
Cooking Fails
Cooking Fails Lincoln tries to bake a cake for Ronnie Ann, but he needs help from Luan to make it 'perfect'. January 19, 2017
30 10 31
Like a Gum
Like a Gum Lisa accidentally splits Lincoln in two halves. January 20, 2017
31 11 32
The Light Curse
The Light Curse Lori gets a sunburn, Lucy applies her some cream, but Lori turns into a vampire. January 22, 2017
32 12 33
Dude, That's My Body
Dude, That's My Body Lisa swaps the bodies from all the siblings, including hers. January 24, 2017
33 13 34
Superjoin Me
Superjoin Me! Lisa attaches the bodies of the siblings one together. January 25, 2017
34 14 35
Normal Kid
Normal Kid Lisa drains her intelligence level to a normal kid from its age one. January 28, 2017
35 15 36
Try to Catch Me
Try to Catch Me! Lincoln gets a sugar rush, and now he can run very fast. January 30, 2017
36 16 37
Illusions of a White-Haired Boy
Illusions of a White-Haired Boy Lincoln dreams how it would be the life being european. February 1, 2017
37 17 38
Pyramid Scheme
Pyramid Scheme When discovering the sibling-jerarchy, the older siblings abuse of the younger ones. February 5, 2017
38 18 39
IKEA Frenzy
IKEA Frenzy The Louds go to IKEA, and all buy one furniture of the store. But Leni replaces all the normal furniture, leaving the house almost empty. February 6, 2017
39 19 27
Tattoo Nightmare
Tattoo Nightmare Luna gets a tattoo, but it's so bad, she wants to cover it away! February 3, 2017 (Latin America)

February 7, 2017 (United States)

40-41 20-21 23-24
The Loudest Dreams 1
The Loudest Dreams 2
The Loudest Dreams A travel through the siblings dreams. January 17, 2017 (Latin America)

February 9, 2017 (United States)

42 22 40
Get Loud
Get Loud! For some reason, a strange person wants to get Lincoln for self. February 12, 2017
43 23 41A
All in an Hotel
All in an Hotel Lincoln wins a day in 'Hotel Royal Woods', But he is forced to go with his sisters.

Final scene was used in the posterior short,Lincoln's Book.

February 14, 2017
44 24 42
Sorry, But I Can't
Sorry, But I Can't Lori gets grounded, and she needs help from Lincoln to escape to a concert (without Luna, of course).

February 16, 2017

45 25 45
Good Ol' Lincoln
Good Ol' Lincoln An invention of Lisa fails, and the siblings have different ages than they should have. February 17, 2017
46 26 46
Amnesia-Loud After getting hit on the head, Lincoln does not remember anything. February 22, 2017
47 27 47
Assistant Day
Assistant Day The Louds gets different works for a very special gift.

Scenes fom the episode was used in the posterior episode,Lincoln's Book

February 23, 2017
48 28 48
Heavenly Prankster
Heavenly Prankster Luan goes to the heaven, when she would had gone to hell. She asks for an opportunity to apologize to her siblings, but it's difficult for her to endure. February 25, 2017
49 29 49
Lincoln's Book
Lincoln's Book The Loud sisters read in secret a book that was sent by Lincoln.

Contains stock footage from Lincoln Leaves?!, Ghost Effect, All in an Hotel and Assistant Day.

February 28, 2017
50-51-52 30-31-32 50-51-52
Louds on the Run 1
Louds on the Run 2
Louds on the Run 3
Louds on the Run! I: After being deported from the country, the Louds have 24 hours to leave the US.

II: While in the flight, the Louds search ways to find entertainment.

March 18-19-20, 2017

Scrapped episodes

41 Books: The Loud sisters have a quest for Lincoln: He must find 41 books to win 250 dollars for himself. Code: 41


  • Episode 'Illusions of a White-Haired Boy' was the first one in say a bad word (altough was censored).
  • Episode 'Get Loud!' originally had other plot.
  • Episode 'Louds on the Run!' originally had the codes 48-49-50. This was changed for making space for 'Heavenly Prankster' and 'Lincoln's Book'.
  • Episode 'Louds on the Run! Part 1' had another plot involving the Louds making delites unintentionally, but with the Trump scandal, the plot changed to the current one. Luckily, or Season 3 finale would be a little different.