The first season of the RZF25's series The New Loud House premiered November 8, 2016 and ended December 22, 2016 and has 20 episodes.

Season Episodes

No. Image Prod. Title Airdate Synopsis
Lincoln Leaves
1 Lincoln Leaves?! November 8, 2016 Tired of his sisters,Lincoln leaves the house.

Scene from this episode was used in the second season episode,Lincoln's Book.

Getting Back
2 Getting Back November 9, 2016 After founding Lincoln, the plan is now how get home
Hot Jacuzzi
3 Hot Jacuzzi November 16, 2016 Lincoln and Lynn discover a secret room within the house
16 Sight-O-Ween November 19, 2016 It's Lucy's favorite holiday, but Lincoln has a plan
Home Alone
4 Home Alone November 25, 2016 The Loud girls go to the clinic and Lincoln gets the entire house for him
Almost All's Better In Family
5 Almost All's Better in Family November 30, 2016 The Loud siblings want to pass time with each other
Locked In
7 Locked In December 1, 2016 The Loud siblings got locked in the bathroom, and Lily is their only way out
Ghost Effect
6A Ghost Effect December 3, 2016 Lincoln becomes a ghost, thanks to a Lisa's formula

Scene from the episode was used in the second season episode,Lincoln's Book.

Clyde Moves
8 Clyde Moves December 4, 2016 Clyde's dads are in a travel, so he needs to stay in the Loud House
Around the World 1
Around the World 2
Around the World 3
9-10-11 Around the World

Part II

Part III

December 5-6-7, 2016 The Louds win a trip over the world
12-13 What Will Happen If...?

Part II

December 8-9, 2016 An antologia of what would happen with some changes
Too Many Places
14 Too Many Places! December 12, 2016 Four of Lincoln's sisters need his presence at the same hour.
A Clone for Every Sister
15 A Clone for Every Sister December 13, 2016 Lincoln creates clones of himself.
Ice Law
17 Ice Law December 14, 2016 Lincoln gets trapped in an ice block, so the sisters need to release him.
1 vs 10 1
1 vs 10 2
1 vs 10 3
18-19-20 1 vs. 10

Part II

Part III

December 20 & 22, 2016 A berserk virus is over the city, and the Louds need to stop it.


In January 13, 2017, the season saw a DVD release that includes all the twenty episodes in a two-disc set.

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