TNLH is basically another TLH series, only with new episodes never seen in the show.

Differences with TLH

  • At first is the same, but at middle season 1, the show starts to getting more fantastic and less-realistic. Although in mid-season 4 episodes will become realistic again.
  • The series is rated TV-Y7 FV
  • Altough the characters still have their regular designs, they appear to be a little less detailed.
  • Sometimes are little capsules with the characters being stick figures colored with the main colors of the siblings.
  • In TLH, Lincoln is 11 and In TNLH, he is 13.


Season 1

The first season counts with 20 episodes. It premiered November 8, and ended December 22.

Season 2

The second season premiered December 26, 2016 and ended March 20, 2017. It contains 32 episodes.

Season 3

The third season premiered March 28, 2017 and ended May 18, 2017. It contains only 8 episodes.

Season 4

The fourth season premiered on May 24, 2017 and it's currently on air. It will contain 40 episodes.

Cancelled episodes

The Wild and the Linc

Production No. 6

Was cancelled because it has a very similar plot to "Roughin' it" from the real series. The number was took over by Ghost Effect (6A)

41 Books

Production No. 41

Was cancelled by the idea, and was replaced by 'All in an Hotel' (41A).

Extra:News :v


July 7: Series started production with the episode template, and first episode name revealed

November 8: The first episode of the show premiered.

December 5-9: The New Loud House is also available in spanish! Link below

December 22: The first season ended with 2 episodes premiered in this day.

December 22: TNLH reaches 20 episodes.

December 25: The second season made an unofficial premiere with the christmas special (LA only)

December 26: The above special was translated from spanish to english

December 30: The first season ended in LA.



4: The second season premiered officialy with High Heel.

5: The above episode was translated from english to spanish.

6-8: MasonLloyd was messing up with TNLH, so the episodes 'Opposites' and 'Insert Episode Title Here' needed to be premiered before expected.

10: TNLH has a new writer: Pablo Solis.

20: TNLH reaches 30 episodes.


9: TNLH reaches 40 episodes

11: Season 2 was lenghtened for two more episodes by Pablo Solis.

14: Season 3 was confirmed to have 8 episodes.

20: Season 3 will premiere in March.

22: TNLH reaches 40 episodes.


18-20: Season 2 finale aired.

18: TNLH reaches 50 episodes.

28: Season 3 premiered.


Nothing important happened here.


18: Season 3 finale aired.

18: TNLH reaches 60 episodes.

23: Season 4 premiered in Latin America.

24: Season 4 premiered in US.


15: TNLH reaches 70 episodes.


  • Spanish version: Here

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