Becoming an Admin

  • Must be a content mod for 1 month.
  • Must have 1,950 edits or more.
  • Must be in the news team for about 9 weeks.
  • Must add 250 photos to articles.

Becoming a Bureaucrat

  • Have 750 edits or more.
  • Must been adding 100 photos to articles
  • Must have been on the wiki for 65 days.
  • Must added 250 articles to categories.

Becoming a Content Mod

  • Must be on the wiki for at least 5 months.
  • Must have reverted 35 edits.
  • Must have 50 article edits or more.

Becoming a Discussions Mod

  • Must have 540 edits or more.
  • Must be on the wiki for 93 days or more.

Becoming in The News Team

  • Must be active in the Pocket News Edition.
  • Must be active in 3 threads or more.
  • Must have 480 edits.

Becoming a Rollback

  • Must have 50 pictures uploaded in total.
    • No elections/proposals required.

Becoming a Chat Mod

  • Must be active in the chat
    • No elections required.

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