This is a parody of the Simpsons theme song.


It starts off in the skies and the logo appears with chorus in the background singing "The Loud House". Then, we pan through the town of royal woods to school were Lana and Lola go to. We see the twins writing on the chalkboard in school (just like Bart does), and then the school bell rings and they leave. Outside, Lola rides on her pink car and Lana rides her skateboard. At Lincoln's school, Lincoln is in class until the school bell rings and Lincoln leaves. Lori, Leni and Lily are at a grocery store were they pay for the stuff, and Leni accidentally pays for Lily and is put in a grocery bag. At music class, the kids all play their instruments but the music teacher tells Luna to leave because of playing her electric guitar too loud. The twins Lana and Lola continue riding through town and pass by Luna, Luan, Lynn and Lisa who are doing their activities, and then get in the van with Lori, Leni and Lily. Lucy suddenly appears in the van, startling them. And then, we see Lily, who appears to be driving the van, but we pan out revealing it's Lori who's driving and she's playing with her steering wheel toy. Lincoln is running and passes by his best friend Clyde and also pass by Bobby, Lori's boyfriend. Once he gets home, he gets run over by Lana and Lola, and runs for his life by the van which Lori is parking in the garage. Inside the house, the Loud siblings get on the couch and something happens (just like the Simpsons does). And the Loud House logo appears on TV, and then the words "Created by Chris Savino".