The Loud House: Season X is a Loud House spin-off series. The episode plot lines are created by fans and written to fit in easily with the Loud House timeline.

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Some ideas were taken from a forum thread on the classic Loud House Wiki (will be marked with asterisks).

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Some plots may be paraphrased.

Season X Episodes

Episode 1- Loud-Flix

The Louds become obsessed with a video streaming service.

Credit: OrangeBird2013*, BlueKraid*

Episode 2- The Visit

Lincoln visits Ronnie Anne's house.

Credit: OrangeBird2013*

Episode 3- Lincoln's Turning 12

Lincoln's 12th birthday is celebrated.

Credit: OrangeBird2013*

Episode 4- The Quiet House

The siblings all lose the ability to speak.

Credit: SaiyaSasukia*

Episode 5- Bad Burger

Lincoln must get a job at Burpin' Burger to pay off damage he did to Mrs. Jelinsky's house.

Credit: SaiyaSasukia*

Episode 6- Vase Trouble

Lola and Lana break a vase and they have to fix it before the others get home.

Credit: OrangeBird2013*

Episode 7- Micro Issues

Luna's singing equipment is destroyed by the Loud siblings' fighting and they need to fix it before Luna finds out.

Credit: Jace Norman Fan*

Episode 8- Loud Turbulence

When the Louds land in Dallas for an emergency landing and miss the last flight back to Michigan before a brutal winter storm hits, the Louds become stranded and stuck in the storm.

Credit: FireHatesSchool*

Episode 9- Alone in the Bark

Lincoln builds a treehouse and has to spend the night there to show his sisters that he is brave.

Credit: Myrrhmyrrh*

Episode 10- Pet Daze

The pets' lives without the Louds are explored.

Credit: OrangeBird2013*

Episode 11- A Day in a Santiago's Life

Ronnie Anne's life in the Santiago house is explored.

Credit: RoniX2D*

Episode 12- Smart vs. Stupid

Leni and Lisa fight to prove which is better: intelligence or ignorance.

Credit: Snackk*

Episode 13- Dark Eyes

Lucy's eyes are finally revealed.

Credit: OrangeBird2013*

Episode 14- Home Worked

Lincoln has a project due for school, but he is having trouble focusing, resulting in procrastination.

Credit: Katajrocker*

Episode 15- The Craziness Can Hurt

Lincoln is seriously injured by one of Luan's pranks.

Credit: Pablo Solis Ledesma*

Episode 16- The Lucky Hat

The origins of Lana's hat and the reason why she wears it all the time are explained.

Episode 17- Live and Let Dye

Lucy decides to remove her hair dye to make her classmates like her better.

Episode 18- School Daze

A day at school in shown in the perspectives of each sibling.

Episode 19- Beauty Doesn't Come With Age

Lola is no longer in the age range to participate in beauty pageants.

Episode 20- The Walking Fed

The Louds start an angry protest after their favorite snack goes off the market.

Episode 21- Time to LIME

The Louds enter the most dangerous eating contest.

Credit: MrYokaiAndWatch902

Episode 22- Can't Hear You

Luna makes a guitar riff that leaves Lincoln temporarily deaf.

Credit: RZF25

Episode 23- Double Trouble

The Louds visit their equally loud cousins.

Episode 24- It's the Little Things That Count

The Louds share childhood flashbacks.

Episode 25- Anti-Social

Lisa enlists Lincoln's help to become cool.

Credit: Ultimer*

Episode 26- Brains and Brawn

Lynn and Lisa compete against each other.

Credit: TakRoolz*

Episode 27- Treasure Hunt

The Loud family goes on vacation to Aloha Beach. The kids accidentally spend too much money and fear they will get in trouble, but they find a map leading to hidden treasure at the resort.

Credit: Katajrocker*

Episode 28- Boo!

Lincoln meets a ghost.

Credit: Fanfictiongal*

Episode 29- Loud House of Horror

Clyde shows the viewers around the Loud House and tells creepy stories about the things inside.

Credit: Katajrocker*

Episode 30- Lil' Miss Muddy

Lola faces her biggest pageant challenge yet: a pageant focusing on dirtiness.

Episode 31- Comic Loud

Lincoln's comic strips about his family end up in the school newspaper.

Episode 32- Scary-Land

Lucy takes Lincoln to Dairy Land on Halloween night.

Credit: TakRoolz*

Episode 33- Dress for Success

The Loud sisters think Lincoln needs a new look.

Episode 34- Lincoln Gets The Scoop

Lincoln writes articles about his life in the newspaper.

Credit: TakRoolz*

Episode 35- The Who House?

Lincoln loses his memory, so the sisters have to help him remember who he is.

Credit: Pablo Solis Ledesma*

Episode 36- Kawaii or Kawai

Lincoln takes a long desired trip to Japan, but his sisters make it no vacation.

Episode 37- Shady Business

Lincoln joins a middle school gang.

Episode 38- Lynn-sanity's Final Ride

Lynn experiences a serious leg injury.

Episode 39- Pool's Out for Summer

The Loud family's new inflatable pool attracts unwanted neighbor kids.

Episode 40- An Offer You Can't Refuse

Lincoln pools his money for a product from a comic book ad, only for it to be a bust.

Episode 41- Home Away From Home

The Louds rent a vacation home, which the kids take a liking to.

Episode 42- Camped Out

Lola and Lana take a Bluebell Scout camping trip.