The Loud House: Dawn of Fusion is a fantasy spin-off of the Loud House created by Ice Bear Phantom. In the series, the Louds have the ability to fuse with others with the exception of Lincoln, who has a lot to learn about his family's signature technique. The concept was inspired by a fanfiction titled "The Loud Fusions" by Exotos135 (

The Plotline

Via special synchronized dances, members of the Loud family are able to fuse with each other to form brand new combinations. Lincoln Loud, the middle child, has not been able to fully master this ability, unlike his sisters. The Loud boy is trying to master this Loud signature technique.

Notice: For the purpose of successful fusion with other members of the Loud family, Lily's age has been changed to three years old to add some maturity to her character.


Ice Bear Phantom- Creator, Writer

MichaelWilemonTheMime- Writer


Single Form Characters (Not Fused)

Lincoln Loud- Eleven years old, learning how to fuse

Lori Loud- Seventeen years old

Leni Loud- Sixteen years old

Luna Loud- Fifteen years old

Luan Loud- Fourteen years old

Lynn Loud Jr.- Thirteen years old

Lucy Loud- Eight years old

Lana Loud- Six years old, twin to Lola

Lola Loud- Six years old, twin to Lana

Lisa Loud- Four years old

Lily Loud- Three years old (see Notice in the Plotline section for details)

Lynn Loud Sr.- Father in the Loud Family

Rita Loud- Mother in the Loud Family

Ronnie Anne Santiago- Lincoln's love interest

Clyde McBride- Lincoln's best friend


Loreni- (Lori + Leni)

Luana- (Luna + Luan)

Lynnucy- (Lynn + Lucy)

Lanola- (Lana + Lola)

Lisaly- (Lisa + Lily)

Ritalynn- (Rita + Lynn Sr.)

Lucincoln- (Lincoln + Lucy)


Episode 1- Pilot: The Louds try to teach Lincoln how to fuse.

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