Lola Loud: Bye, Snowball! (closes door)

(Snowball wakes up, yawns, and stretches, and walks to the window)

Snowball: Hey, Charles.

Charles: Hey, Sweetie.

Snowball: Got any plans today?

Charles: Yes, big, big stuff today, Snowball. I've got big plans. I'll be sitting here and wait for Lincoln to come back.

Snowball: Oh, that sounds exciting. Well, I won't interrupt. I've got a very busy day too.

Narrator: From the show that brought you The Loud House...

Lynn Loud: Here you go. See you later, Cliff! (closes door) (Cliff knocks down the food bowl)

Lana Loud: So long, Hops! (closes door) (Hops leaps to the couch)

Lori Loud: Bye, Walt! (closes door) (Walt is bathing himself)

Other owners: Bye, etc.

Narrator: Things get a little bit crazy...

Walt: (flies out of birdcage, then flies to the TV. He then turns on the fan and the TV, revealing it to be planes flying in the sky. He then flies like the other airplanes and dodges all the obstacles.)

Cliff: (opens the fridge, revealing the family's turkey dinner. He then gets hungry, but then he tries not to eat it.)

Hops: (jumps on the couch, then sits. He then sees a fly. He tries catching it, but the fly flies away.)

Cliff: (he is fat from eating the turkey dinner, then falls down to the ground. He then sees a cake, then gets ready to eat it.)

Narrator: The Adventures of the Loud Pets.

Lana Loud: You be good, Izzy. (closes door) (Izzy acts normal, then turns on rock music and dances to the beat.)

Narrator: Coming in 2017, to Nick. (Cliff meows)

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