The Adventures of the Loud Pets is a spin-off series of The Loud House coming in 2017. It focuses on the show's pets, Charles, Cliff, Geo and Walt as they go on adventures together. They cause a little mayhem and whatnot, but they always have a good time and teach the viewer a valuable lesson.

Main Characters:

Charles: (voiced by Scott Menville) He is the show's main character and the leader of the group. He is a puppy who likes to hang out with Lincoln sometimes in a few episodes.

Cliff: (voiced by Tom Kenny) He is Charles' best friend, and he likes playing with the gang most of the time. He is also a cat who has a cool personality.

Geo: (voiced by Max Charles) He is a hamster who is often seen in a clear hamster ball. He also likes eating hamster snacks and is the most adventurous and playful in the group.

Walt: (voiced by John DiMaggio) A canary who has an angry look, but is kind-hearted and sometimes stubborn. He often hangs in his birdcage, but can be very serious at times.

Recurring Characters:

Snowball (voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin) a cat who has a crush on Cliff.

Izzy (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) Lana's pet lizard.

Hops (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) Lana's pet frog.

El Diablo (also voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) Lana's pet snake.