Lymn Lpud, the main character of The Adventures of Lymn Lpud.

The Adventures of Lymn Lpud is a series made entirely in MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker. It is extremely poorly drawn and a lot of typos are made in the closed captions and in the characters' names. If you would like to be in this show, put your name below.


Loti Lpud

Lemi Lpud

Luba Lpud

Luam Lpud

Lymn Lpud

Linxokn Lpud

Luvy Lpud

Lsna Lpud

Loka Lpud

Lida Lpud

Liky Lpud

Lymn Lpud Sr.

Riya Lpud

Clyse McBrude


TheAnimatorCartoonistDude: Creator, lead animator

MichaelWilemonTheMime: Gives Ideas For Episodes

RZF25: Writer

Ice Bear Phantom: Gives Ideas For Episodes

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