The Adventures of Ace Savvy and Friends is a spinoff series of the Loud House.


  • ForeverAnine889
  • Berliano


In The Loud House, you may have seen Ace Savvy, right? But, what if we make a series about Ace Savvy and his sidekicks? Awesome right?





Season 1

  • 1a. Tiara Meeting
    • Because of the heroes, the Queen of Diamonds' tiara is broken, the superheroes must fix it before she gets mad.
      • Villains : -
  • 1b. Detective Savvy
    • Ace must figure out who ate his sandwich.
      • Villains : Fat Man
  • 2a. Mind Controlled!!
    • Ace must figure out why One-Eyed Jack is acting strangely lately.
      • Villains : Mind Controller
  • 2b. Super Deuce
    • The group give each of their powers to The Deuce.
      • Villains : -
  • 3a. Driver's License
    • The 11 of Hearts learns to get her license, but the teacher is actually a bank robber,
      • Villain : 11 of Heart's Driving Teacher
  • 3b. Child's Play
    • Ace and the young superheroes must stop a lady who is trying to turn everyone back into young.
      • Villain : Alice