Tetra-Loud is the twenty-eighth episode of Season 4.


Lincoln starts an addiction of Tetris


While cleaning the attic, the Loud siblings find a box with old things from the marble era. It contained things that even Lisa didn't know what they are supposed to be. They distribute the things if someone knows what's the thing they got. Lincoln got something similar to a Game Boy with a cartridge inside. Lincoln goes to his room to inspect better. He sees the back part of the console. It has a stamp with a russian backwards R. The cartridge has its stamp mutilated, so he turns on the console. After the logo of Nintendo, on the green screen Tetris' (the original with the backwards R) logo is visible. Lincoln presses Start. Level 1. Tetris music is sounding. Lincoln puts the pieces successfully. Level 2. Lincoln puts the pieces successfully again. Level 9. Even with that speed, Lincoln still puts the pieces successfully. Now it result he can't get off the game.

Another day, the Louds are going to the same cinema where Lily saw Coco. Lincoln prefers to stay in the house. When the Louds are out, Lincoln is back at the game. The speed counter has two digits, so the max level is 99. Lincoln won't stop until he reaches that digit. After three days without sleeping, Lincoln reaches level 95. The game goes too quick. His fingers even have blisters from pressing too fast. In five minutes, Lincoln reaches 99. When he completes the final level, the game breaks for trying to do speed 100, because the counter would show 00, which would cause an endless level. Lincoln is satisfied at ending the game. But now he doesn't has nothing to do. He remembers he has to go with Clyde to buy the new season of AARGH! (it seems they release a new season every 17 episodes). Lincoln baths, dresses, and goes.


  • The episode was going to be longer, but by time constraints the episode was shortened.
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