Walter Tetherby, known as Lord Tetherby is an antagonist in The Luxurious Loud House.


Walter Tetherby was born on January 14, 1956. He is the heir to the tetherball fortune he's now a very rich man with his own mansion, and a private club just for the upper class. He also has his own limo and butlers. He is also a rival of The Loud Family, an high class family whose wealth is higher than the wealth of his family.


Tetherby is a very smug and egocentric man, with no pleasure towards the poor, even his relatives. He only likes to hang with rich people, or people with limousines. His egotism annoys Lynn R. Loud, who happens to be richer than him. Tetherby is a devout Christian who is self-righteous and looks down on people who are "unrighteous".

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