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Ten Nights at Loud's
is a TV Series Premiere In 2016 October Of 31, Is A Pizzeria New in Royal Woods With Animatronics and Founders As: Loud Parents.



  1. Lincoln Loud
  2. Lola Loud
  3. Lana Loud
  4. Luna Loud
  5. Lynn Loud
  6. Luan Loud
  7. Lisa Loud
  8. Lily Loud
  9. Lori Loud
  10. Leni Loud
  11. Lucy Loud
  12. Clyde
  13. Loud Parents
  14. Purple Clyde



  1. Golden Lincoln Loud
  2. Lincoln Animatronic Loud
  3. Luna Animatronic Loud
  4. Leni Animatronic Loud
  5. Lynn Animatronic Loud
  6. Lucy Animatronic Loud
  7. Lisa Animatronic Loud
  8. Luan Animatronic Loud
  9. Lily Animatronic Loud
  10. Lori Animatronic Loud
  11. Lana Animatronic Loud
  12. Lola Animatronic Loud
  13. Ms. Animatronic Loud
  14. Mr. Animatronic Loud
  15. Clyde Animatronic McBride


  1. Phantom Lucy
  2. Phantom Lily
  3. Phantom Lori
  4. Phantom Leni
  5. Phantom Luna
  6. Phantom Luan
  7. Phantom Lana
  8. Phantom Lola
  9. Phantom Lisa
  10. Phantom Lynn


  • Nightmare Lincoln
  • Nightmare Luna
  • Nightmare Leni
  • Nightmare Lisa
  • Nightmare Lily
  • Nightmare Lori
  • Nightmare Lynn
  • Nightmare Lucy
  • Nightmare Lola
  • Nightmare Lana
  • Nightmare Clyde
  • Nightmare Dad and Nightmare Mom


  • Loritrap
  • Lenitrap


  • This TV Series No has Introduction If not A Game Menu's Ten Nights at Loud's In First Episode Yes Press New Game and Load Game The Title from the Episode Appear and Appear A Background Black Before from The Title.
  • In Season 1 is Based in First Game Ten Nights at Loud's.
  • There are A File EXE As: TNAL-TVSeries.exe This File Has A Game Menu Yes Press New Game and Load Game is Similar in TV Series Real.
  • In Version DVD Is Use A Control Remote Similar in Game Console But Different Instead's A Horizontal is a Vertical, In Real World in The Version DVD Has Cost 9.99 After 2017 Has Popular Cost 500.
  • In Real World The Pizzeria Exist in Part U.S. state of Michigan in A City.