Lori applies for a teacher job at Weatherscone Elementary.


Teacher Lori: Lori is a part of a educational facility.

Blackboard: Same product in regular classes.


When Bobby kisses Lori goodbye, Lori's lipstick is missing.

According to Kim's ID, her brithday is on June 8th but she said hers is on October 16th.


(Starts at Lori's House)

Lori: Bobby, guess what?

Bobby: (cooking) What is it?

Lori: I have the job as a teacher. I'm through with being a substitute. I'm a 5th grade teacher!

Bobby: Babe, I can't believe it! Your first job!

(They kiss)

(Next morning)

(Bobby is packing Lori's purse)

Bobby: Babe, here's your stuff you may need. Ready to go to work?

Lori: Yes!

(They kiss each other goodbye)


Lori: Hello, class. I'm Ms. Loud-Santiago. Just call me Ms. Santiago.

Class: Hello, Ms. Santiago.

Lori: (She leans on her chair and falls)

(The class laughs)

(The assistant teacher comes in)

Ms. Randoff: Ahem, class!

(They stop)

Ms. Randoff: Let's get started with our morning science lesson, eh?

(They take out their notebooks and get to work)

Lori: Who are you?

Ms. Randoff: I'm the assistant teacher! Got a problem with that, eh?

Lori: Umm.. Sorry, but I literally got this. When do you leave?

Ms. Randoff: I leave at 9:10, eh?

Lori: Ok, fine you can help!

(Lunchtime; Teachers Lounge)

Ms. Pamela: So, you're a new teacher?

Lori: Yes, I am.

Ms. Pamela: I teach 3rd Grade English. What do you teach?

Lori: 5th Grade Science.

Ms. Harlem: I teach 4th Grade History.

(Afternoon; Class)

Lori: According to Newton's Second Law, Force equals to Acceleration times the amount of Mass.

Lori: Does anyone have an add to that?

(Frank raises his hand)

Lori: Yes?

Frank: Actually, that formula is F=ma.

Lori: Yes, that is correct.

(Bell Rings for dismissal)

Lori: Remember, bring back the homework assignment that I gave you guys!

(Back home)

Bobby: Hey, babe. How was work?

Lori: It was excitingly normal. I guess. I had an assistant teacher to help me and I sent 1 student to detention. Her name is Kim Macvlaski.

Bobby: Great. I'll tell you all about my day over supper.

(The end)