The Complete First Season is a DVD that belongs to The New Loud House. It includes all the fifteen episodes of season 1.

Quick resume

The DVD boxset includes two discs with ten numbers in each one.


Episodes 12 and 13 are not in order because the Around the World would be cropped.

Disc N Title
1 1 Lincoln Leaves?!
2 Getting Back
3 Hot Jacuzzi
4 Home Alone
5 Almost All's Better in Family
6 Ghost Effect
7 Locked In
8 Clyde Moves
12 What Will Happen If...? Part 1
13 What Will Happen If...? Part 2
2 9 Around the World Part 1
10 Around the World Part 2
11 Around the World Part 3
14 Too Many Places!
15 A Clone for Every Sister
16 Sight-O-Ween
17 Ice Law
18 1 vs. 10 Part 1
19 1 vs. 10 Part 2
20 1 vs. 10 Part 3


If in the menu you go to Options, move the cursor until a shaded silhouette of Lincoln, you can see some fake bumpers of Nickelodeon cancelling TLH. Also you can see the first two episodes reversed.

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