This show will be created by B-Master Animation and TheAnimatorCartoonistDude. It will premiere on Fall 2017.


  • Lincoln Loud: The main protagonist of the series. He often speaks to the viewer about his sisters.
  • Harley Diaz: The deuteragonist of the series. She, like Lincoln, speaks to the viewer about her siblings.
  • Lana Loud
  • Lola Loud
  • Lisa Loud
  • Lily Loud
  • Lori Loud
  • Leni Loud
  • Lucy Loud
  • Luna Loud
  • Luan Loud
  • Lynn Loud
  • Rachel Diaz
  • Ethan Diaz
  • Georgie Diaz
  • Lewie Diaz
  • Beast Diaz
  • Daphne Diaz


  • Stuck In The Loud House (pilot): the Diaz family moves next door to the Louds and they notice all the kids have similar interests.