Spider-Man VS Lola is an 18 (24, including Opening and Ending Credits), minute fan film, 
Spider-Man VS

STARRING: Stephen Cooke - Spider-Man Anna Brisbin, (Possibly) - Lola

which is only to show appreciation for both franchises, and the rarely used scenario of Animation meeting Live Action. This would have been the first fan film of Spider-Man to crossover with The "Loud House" franchise. All production has stopped on Spider-Man VS Lola.


The basic plot is that,  It mostly concentrates on Lola Loud getting caught stealing makeup, and enters a time warp, visiting the real world, and encountering Spider-Man at an abandoned shack. He is quietly snooping through the shack, only to spot Lola who is wondering through, and is sporting variations of Makeup. Spider-Man finally collapses from the roof, onto her shoulder, threatening her, that her actions of theft only will bring her to Juvy. She whips out a powder-filled ball, and throws it to Spider-Man's mask, slicing and shredding half of it. He lets out a painful scream, falls, and he lands in the hard pavement styled wall of Sheetrock. And now, Lola Loud, (now losing it) and Spider-Man fight across the shack.

Spider-Man VS Lola Poster

The Scripting Stage

The Scriptment is completed. Before cancellation, The Storyboard Stage was only several pages complete


The storyboards will be posted via Stephen's private email, if requested.


  • The Storyboard process was 50 percent ready
  • Stephen was still in need of Actors for Lola, Luan, and The 2 Cops.
  • Despite the ending to this Fan Short, it foreshadowed, that there will be another one.
  • Stephen planned 2 more after this one.
  • Now that the fan short has been cancelled, it will give Stephen more time to illustrate art for his Comic Book franchises. One, such as "Stephen Cooke's Lincoln for Hire"

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