This is the following script of The Loud House : House of Chaos's episode Saving Lisa. [One day, the Louds are playing in the living room. Then, Lincoln heard something.]

Rita: [offscreen] "Oh look, she's growing older now!"
Lynn Sr.: [offscreen] "Yes, sweetie. Dear, we are going to.. [sadly] miss you. You grew up so fast.
Lisa: "Thank you, parental units. Now, I shall better go pack."
Lincoln: "Pack? Is Lisa moving?"
Lynn: "What's wrong little bro?"
Lincoln: Not much, Lynn. But, if I'm not sure, I think Lisa's going away."
Lynn: "Lisa's going away? Why?"
Lincoln: "I don't know."
Leni: "Hey, Linky. What are you two talking about? Something about pedicures?"
Lynn: "No, Leni. We're talking about Lisa going away."
Leni: [loudly] "Lisa's going away?"

[All the siblings heard Leni saying Lisa's moving and start to panic.]]

Lincoln: "Guys, quiet down. I'm still not sure."
Lola: "Well, you gotta be sure, my life is on jeopardy, here!"
Lincoln: "What about if we all discuss about this first."

[In Lori and Leni's room, the Louds are discussing about Lisa's moving]

Lincoln: "Well, I'm still not sure of Lisa's really moving, but, what will happen if she really is moving away?"
Luna: "My grades will go down!"
Lola: "My pageant career will be over!"
Lily: [babbles]
Lincoln: "Alright, first we need to find some information to make sure."
Lily: [babbles]

[Later on, in Lily and Lisa's room, Lisa is packing, while Lily enters]