Royal Woods (formerly Bois Royaux) is a fictional city in The Luxurious Loud House. The City is a Catholic city since it was created by French settlers.

It was founded by Baron Louis de Loud, a French nobleman and ancestor of the Loud family. He named the town “Bois Royaux“. It was renamed “Royal Woods” after the British took over the town.


Lynn R. Loud Estate

The Lynn R. Loud Estate (or 2571 Alan Walsh Boulevard) is the main setting where the series take place. It is where the old money Louds reside.

McBride Manor

The McBride Manor is where Charles McBride Jr. and his parents Charles Sr. and Kate reside.

Santiago Manor

The Santiago Manor is where the wealthy Santiago family resides.

The Loud House

The Loud House (or 1216 Franklin Avenue) is where Lincoln Loud, his sisters, and their parents reside

The McBride House

The McBride House is where Clyde and his two fathers Harold and Howard live. Unlike the Loud House, the McBride House is only one floor.

The Santiago House

The Santiago House is where Bobby formerly lived with his sister Ronnie Anne, and their mother Maria.

Since Bobby, Ronnie Anne, and Maria moved away from Royal Woods to live with the Casagrandes as of TLH episode "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", it could be possible that the house is now for sale.

The Spokes House

The Spokes House is where Rusty Spokes lives with his brother Rocky Spokes, and their parents. The house was shown in "Back in Black".


Alan Walsh Middle School

This is where Richard, Lynn V., Lincoln, Clyde, Charles Jr., Rusty, Douglas, and Brian go to school.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral is a Catholic church that the old money Louds and the wealthy Santiagos attend, it is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Royal Woods.


Loud Industries

Loud Industries is a powerful international corporation run by The Loud Family. Its headquarters is the Loud Building.

The Loud Building

The Loud Building is the headquarters of Loud Industries

Royal Woods Mall

The Royal Woods Mall is the town mall. It is owned by Loud Industries through its subsidiary, Loud Development Ltd.


  • In The Loud House episode, "Lock N' Loud", it's said that Royal Woods has a very low crime rate. This is probably due to Mafia boss Carlo Navarra making his moves towards legitimizing his family and removing it from crime.
  • Most of the rich people living in Royal Woods are Catholic. Ronnie Anne commented that a lot of rich teenagers show up at church every Sunday in their luxury cars.