Coat of arms of the Roman Catholic Archdiocsese of Royal Woods

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Royal Woods (Latin: Archdiocesis Regis Silvis) is a fictional ecclesiastical territory of the Roman Catholic Church featured in The Luxurious Loud House. It covers the city of Royal Woods, and includes suffragan dioceses of Hazeltucky and Beaverton.

History of the Archdiocese

Sometime in 1690, Pope Alexander VIII erected the territory in Royal Woods (Bois Royaux was the town's former name) as a Diocese and a Catholic church was built there, St. Paul's Cathedral. In 1900, Pope Leo XIII raised the Catholic ecclesiastical territory in Royal Woods into a Metropolitan Archdiocese.


  • Frederick Bottcher, Archbishop of Royal Woods 1990-present
  • Joseph Santiago, priest
  • Benjamin Paulsen, Archbishop of Royal Woods 1976-1990
  • Enzo Gabrielli, Archbishop of Royal Woods 1960-1976
  • Kenneth O'Malley, Archbishop of Royal Woods 1949-1960

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