Robin Sawyer is a close friend of Lori and Leni Loud, in the Deluxe Loud House


Robin usually wears a long sleeved black dress, with gray stockings and black Mary-Jane sandals. She also has visible breasts.

Her night attire consists of blue pajamas.


Robin is usually a quiet girl who keeps to herself most of the time. She doesn't really have much to say, despite she faces a massive burden within her own life, and has nobody to talk to about it, possibly because she's an introvert.

It's quite easy for Robin to get offended, but only if you call her names or mock her accent. If she does get offended, she won't get angry, she'll just cut you off and never talk to you again

She lacks confidence in herself, when she lacks any makeup, and she feels ugly, until she applies her makeup. She's also unable to stick up for herself, but tries her hardest to ignore people when they make snide comments about her.

If she does get mad (Which is rare), she's likely to cool off quickly, and try to make a good apology.

Lastly, Robin is highly charming. She is a very charismatic girl.