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[first scene cuts to Lincoln, walking home]

Lincoln: Ah, schools just ended, and I think today might be my lucky day! I got out early today. After school, the best show ever airs! But, I almost never get that opportunity, with everyone coming home at practically the same time, there’s always someone else who gets the remote before I do.

[flashbacks start]

[kids come bursting through the door, all fighting for the remote]

Lee: Aw yeah! I got the remote! [high fives Lucas]

[another flashback, kids come bursting through the door, all fighting for the remote]

Lauren: Oh yeah! Look who got the remote! I got it! I got it! I REIGN SUPREME!

[another flashback, kids come bursting through the door, all fighting for the remote]

Laura: Guys, I already have the remote.

[cuts back to Lincoln]

Lincoln: But now, for once, i’ll finally be able to watch my show! [Lincoln enters home]

[Lincoln jumps onto the couch, starts looking for the remote]

Lincoln: What? Did someone else already come?

Lynn: Hey Linc, looking for the remote?

Lincoln: Yeah.

Lynn: Well, your mother's hid it, and is gonna put it on the table at 5 PM, sorry Linc.

Lincoln: NOOOOOO! My one and only chance, gone!

[screen fades to later on in the day, cuts to Lincoln in his room, reading ace savvy]

[Louise enters Lincoln's room]

Louise: Hey Lincoln! You heard about mom taking away the remote, right?

Lincoln: Yeah. You need anything?

Louise: Well, I figured out that the new AARGH episode was delayed until 5!

Lincoln: Really?! That’s sweet! But how are we going to get the remote?

Louise: Well, I was thinking we could make a plan to distract everyone else leaving the remote for us..

Lincoln: That sounds great! But how are we going to do that?

Louise: Okay, so here’s what I think we should do.

[louise and lincoln sneak out of room, into Lesly’s room] Lesly: Hey! Whatcha guys doing?

Louise: Wanna read this 200 page book?

Lesly: What? No! That’ll take forever!

Louise: It has pictures.


[louise hands book, and runs out of room]

Louise: You wait here.

[louise runs downstairs]

[louise runs back]

Louise: Wait a little…

[lucas and lee run out screaming, going outside]

Lincoln: Louise, that was amazing! I’ve never thought of that before..

Louise: No problem, I used to do it to you a ton.

Lincoln: Wait, what?

Louise: Nothing.. Now, I don’t know how to get past Lauren, she’s impenetrable.

Lincoln: Let me handle this.

[lauren walks out of her room]

Lauren: Move out of the way people! I need to put on makeup. Need to stay prepared for the TV tonight.

[lauren walks to bathroom]

Lincoln: Don’t worry, I got this.

[lincoln runs into bathroom, steals all of Lauren’s makeup and runs out]

Lauren: AAAAAAAAA! [runs towards Lincoln]


Lincoln: If you promise not to watch TV tonight, I’ll give it back!

Lauren: Yes! YES! PLEASE!

[lincoln opens door and hands lauren her makeup]

Lauren: -kissing makeup- I missed you so much! -kisses makeup-

Louise: Jeez, Lincoln, don’t you think that was a little too far? Plus, what was that gonna do?

Lincoln: Well, she's gonna spend hours ‘cleaning’ her makeup.

Louise: Still, too far man.

[louise and lincoln run to laura and lori’s room, lincoln opens door]

Lincoln: Hey Laura, I-

Laura: Lincoln, I’m not gonna watch TV tonight, nothing interesting happens at 5 PM.

Lincoln: Okay, but have you seen Lori?

Laura: She’s downstairs.

Lincoln: Well, that’s convenient.

Louise: Let’s head downstairs!

Lori (on the phone): -giggling- No booboo bear, I would never do that to you! You’re so silly.

Lincoln: I have an idea!

Lori: Alright, i’ll talk to you later -giggling- [hangs up]

[lincoln runs to home phone]

Lincoln: [clears throat, and calls Bobby, talking in his Lori impression] Hey Bobby, wanna go to the park today, i’m totally like, in the mood right now.

Bobby (from the phone): Sure babe! I’ll pick you up soon.

Lincoln: And now we wait.

[doorbell rings, Lori answers]

Bobby: Hey babe, you wanted to go to the park today?

Lori: I don’t remember asking to go to the park, but sure! Anything for you!

Bobby: Alright babe.

[lori heads out]

Lincoln: Who else do we have?

Louise: (thinking) Oh yeah, we have Lenny and Luke.

Lincoln: Luke will be pretty easy.

[lincoln and louise run into lincolns room, grabs a soccer ball, and goes into Luke’s room]

Luke: Hm? BALL!

Lincoln: You want the ball boy?!

Luke: [panting] bark! Bark!

Lincoln: You want the ball? Go get the ball! [throws ball outside]

[luke chases ball, acting like a dog, lincoln slams door behind him.]

Louise: Finally, Lenny.

Lincoln: But lenny is always in his room, and he rarely lets us in! How will we get him out, or at least not get him to watch TV?

Louise: Don’t worry Lincoln, this may not seem like a good idea, but I’ll handle this. Let’s go.

[lincoln and louise run upstairs and knock on lenny’s door]

Lenny: Yeah?!

Louise: Hey Lenny, can I start painting with you?!

Lincoln: Louise! No!

Lenny: [gasp] [grabs Louise into his room]

Lincoln: NOOOOO!!!!

Lincoln: Well, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice to get what you want, and like she said, she knows what she’s doing, I hope.

[lincoln goes downstairs, and sits down on couch]

Lincoln: Well, I still have the opportunity to get the remote! I just have to wait, wait.. [looks at clock] one.. Hour.. [sigh]

[scene fades to 4:55]

Lincoln: Finally! I only have to wait 5 more minutes until the best show ever airs!

[suddenly, door opens]

Bobby: I had such a great time with you babe.

Lori: Me too, booboo bear, i’ll see you tomorrow!

Bobby: See you babe!

[lori takes a seat on the couch]

Lori: Hey, Lincoln..

[door opens again, luke jumps on couch]

Luke: Hey guys, guess who’s gonna get the remote tonight, I am.

Lori: We’ll see about that. Lauren: Everyone, move out of the way! Get off the couch, I’m getting the TV tonight.

[door opens, again]

Lucas: Are you sure?

Lee: We’re getting it this time, I’m not letting any you guys stop us!

Lucas: Yeah!

Lenny: (walking downstairs with Louise) Sorry I cut it short today, gotta get the remote today.

Louise: heh heh, yeah.. [louise gets shocked] Lincoln! What happened?!

Lincoln: I couldn’t do anything, the plan backfired, everyone is down here!

Louise: Well, Lincoln, Plan B

Lincoln: Plan B? We never came up with a plan B.

Louise: Let’s go on the offense.

Lincoln: {gulp}

[rita walks in, with the remote]

Rita: Now before I set the remote down I want all of you upstairs!

Everyone: Aw.. [everyone walks upstairs]

[as everyone is up the stairs, everyone begins preparing the get the remote]

Rita: Alright! TV is open!

[everyone starts to fight each other while going down the stairs, chaos ensues for a little bit]

Lincoln: Yes! I got the remo-

[Something suddenly hits Lincoln, Lincoln loses his grip on the remote, and everything goes into slow motion until Lori catches the remote]

Lori: OMG! I literally caught the remote! I’ll finally be able to watch my show!

Everyone else: Awww….

Lincoln: NOOO!!!! I was so close…

[lincoln goes back upstairs]

[lori turns on TV, begins watching her show.]

[scene pans to Lincoln, in his room with Louise, sad]

Louise: It’s alright Lincoln, not everything can go our way, sorry bro.

Lincoln: I was just so close! So, so close..

Lori: Lincoln! Come down here!

Lincoln: Ugh, what does she want?

[lincoln comes downstairs]

Lincoln: Yeah?

Lori: [hands remote to Lincoln]

Lincoln: Wha? You’re giving this to me?

Lori: yeah, Lincoln, I think that today, you should get the TV for once.

Lincoln: But why are you giving it to me?

Lori: Well, I’ve noticed how you’ve never gotten the remote before. I kind of feel bad for you because, well, i’ve personally experienced that before, and it really sucks. I just don’t want this to keep going on forever, and plus, I can watch this episode on my phone.

Lincoln: Thank you so much Lori!

Lori: You’re welcome.

Lincoln: Hey! Louise! We can watch arrgh together today!

Louise: You got the remote?! Sweet!

[everyone else]: You guys are watching arrgh!?

Lincoln: Yeah!

[everyone else rushes to the couch to watch]

Lincoln: Well, I guess everything did go well after all. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned, and I guess that’s alright. But sometimes, the outcome can be even better than what was expected. Because what’s better than watching your favorite show, is watching it with someone else. [turns on TV]


Lincoln: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Lenny: It's alright bro, we can watch some other shows.

Lincoln: But what is there to watch?

Lucas: I don’t know, what is there?

Lincoln: Uhm, you know what? Let’s watch something you guys want to watch!

Everyone else: Yeah! Woohoo!

[scene cuts to the house, while everyone is talking about what to watch in the background]


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