Episode Information Transcript

Remote Controlled is the second episode of The Loud House: Gender Mix


Rita steals the remote temporarily, so Lincoln and Louise devise a plan to gain control of the remote first.


After school ends early for Lincoln, he says that today will be his lucky day because he will be able to gain access from the remote early. Once he goes inside, he notices that the remote is missing, and Lynn tells Lincoln that Rita hid the remote until 5 PM to keep the house in order. After everyone else comes home, Louise and Lincoln devise a plan to snatch the remote first.

First, they go to Lily and Lesly’s room, Louise gives Lesly a 200 page book. Lesly is reluctant at first until Louise mentions that there are pictures in the book. Next, Louise goes outside, does something, and comes back, resulting in Lucas and Lee fleeing out of their bedrooms to play outside. Louise then thinks of ways to distract Lauren, but doesn’t know how, so Lincoln steals Lauren’s makeup, and eventually gives it back, claiming that she will spend hours ‘cleaning’ her makeup. However, Louise doesn’t agree with what Lincoln did. They then go to Laura and Lori’s room, but Laura claims that she won’t be watching TV today, and tells Lincoln and Lauren that Lori is downstairs. So, Lincoln uses the home telephone to call Bobby over and bring Lori to the park. After that, they both go to Luke and Lenny’s room, and ‘treat’ Luke with a soccer ball, after, Louise ‘sacrifices’ herself to paint with Lenny.

Lincoln then waits 55 minutes for the remote, until everyone starts finishing or coming back from their activities. Louise then comes downstairs, surprised, and Lincoln explains that the plan failed. So, Louise explains to Lincoln that they will have to use “Plan B” and go on the offense. Rita is then seen with the remote, but then forces everyone to go upstairs. After she places the remote down, everyone starts fighting each other to gain control over the remote, Lincoln then grabs the remote but loses grip of it, resulting in Lori catching it. Lincoln then goes back to his room with Louise, feeling defeated. But then Lori gives Lincoln the remote, and everyone else comes to watch ARGGH! with Lincoln.

Lincoln then states that not everything can go according to plan, which is okay, and as Lincoln turns on the TV he realizes that the episode has already ended. Everyone else, disappointed, let Lincoln choose what else to watch. So then, Lincoln decides that the others should vote on what to watch next instead of him choosing himself.