Lyson and his Loud friends experience a power outage and Lyson trys his best to fix it.


It starts off at late night, Lyson is watching TV in his room. A new program is about to come on, when the power comes off. Lyson uses his "Super Flashlight" to prevent tripping in the dark from happening. Lyson comes downstairs to see the Louds and how they're doing. The Louds experience the same problem. But then, Luan starts glowing in the darkness. Lyson got surprised. Lyson goes to the basement with his "Super Flashlight" (he finds the circuit board) and turns on the power and goes back upstairs to watch his show in his room. Delighted, Lyson watches his favorite show, The Dot, Dee and Del Show. Feeling sorry, Lyson goes downstairs to check on Lincoln. Lincoln is missing his show, ARGGH!!!. Lyson turns on the downstairs TV, only to discover the show is over, then goes back upstairs to see his show.

Easter Eggs

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