Pokemon: Royal Woods is a Loud House crossover series created by Ice Bear Phantom. In the series, the Louds are witnesses to an outbreak of creatures known as Pokemon in Royal Woods.


11-year-old Lincoln Loud stumbles upon a Pokemon in his backyard and he and his sisters are devoted to catching and studying the mysterious creatures like it.


Main Characters

Lincoln Loud- 11 years old and the only boy in the Loud family. He is the first to discover the Pokemon outbreak. His main Pokemon is Pikachu.

Lana Loud- 6 years old and twin to Lola. She is learning to care for Pokemon.

Lola Loud- 6 years old and twin to Lana. She is devoted to the beauty of Pokemon.

Lisa Loud- 4 years old. She is studying the behavior of Pokemon and has invented Pokeballs and the Pokedex.

Lucy Loud- 8 years old. She wishes to befriend lost or upset Pokemon.

Minor Characters

Lori Loud- 17 years old. Specializes in Ice-type Pokemon.

Leni Loud- 16 years old. Specializes in Water-type Pokemon.

Luna Loud- 15 years old. Specializes in Steel-type Pokemon.

Luan Loud- 14 years old. Specializes in Normal-type Pokemon.

Lynn Loud Jr.- 13 years old. Specializes in Fighting-type Pokemon.

Lily Loud- 15 months old. She merely plays with Pokemon, as she is too young to fully understand them.


Season 1

Episode 1- Pilot: Lincoln encounters a Pikachu in the backyard and tries to keep it a secret from his sisters.

Episode 2- Bug Catcher Lana: Lana tries to rescue a Caterpie from becoming lunch for her reptiles.

Episode 3- Awake at Night: Lucy is awoken by a strange murmur.

Episode 4- Lana and Lola's Eggcellent Adventure: The twins find a mysterious egg, but it rolls away while they bicker over who gets it.

Episode 5- The Evolution: Lana's Caterpie undergoes an unusual change.

Episode 6- Hatching a Plan: Lola's egg hatches into a new Pokemon!

Episode 7- The Nest: A nest of wild Eevee is discovered.

Episode 8- The Missing Link: Lisa invents a Pokemon trading system.

Episode 9- For The Love of Pokemon: Lola tries to show off the importance of Pokemon affection.

Episode 10- Stone Cold: Lisa mines up mysterious colored stones.

Episode 11- Pecking Order: Wild Spearow attack Lana's Metapod.

Episode 12- Nocturnal: Lucy discovers how differently Pokemon react at night.

Episode 13- Hidden Formations: Lana discovers a mysterious sparkling rock.

Episode 14- Peer Pressure: Lincoln is pressured by sisters to evolve his Eevee.

Episode 15- The Magnet Tunnel: The Louds discover an electric force.

Episode 16- Make Your Move: Lola's Togepi learns a mysterious new move.

Episode 17- Attack Programming: Lisa invents a Technical Machine to teach Pokemon a new move.

Episode 18- The Defense: The Loud siblings work together to defend a group of wild Pokemon being attacked.

Episode 19- The Woodland: Lana meets a mysterious owl Pokemon in the forest.

Episode 20- The Glow: Lola leads the Louds to an unknown glow.

Season 2: Alolan Outbreak

Episode 1- The Guardian: The Louds are entrusted with strange sparkling stones by a guardian from a distant land.

Episode 2- The Discovery: Lincoln discovers an outbreak of new Pokemon.


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