Pokemon: Royal Woods is a Loud House crossover series created by Ice Bear Phantom. In the series, the Louds are witnesses to an outbreak of creatures known as Pokemon in Royal Woods.


11-year-old Lincoln Loud stumbles upon a Pokemon in his backyard and he and his sisters are devoted to catching and studying the mysterious creatures like it.


Main Characters

Lincoln Loud- 11 years old and the only boy in the Loud family. He is the first to discover the Pokemon outbreak. His main Pokemon is Pikachu.

Lana Loud- 6 years old and twin to Lola. She is learning to care for Pokemon.

Lola Loud- 6 years old and twin to Lana. She is devoted to the beauty of Pokemon.

Lisa Loud- 4 years old. She is studying the behavior of Pokemon and has invented Pokeballs and the Pokedex.

Lucy Loud- 8 years old. She wishes to befriend lost or upset Pokemon.

Minor Characters

Lori Loud- 17 years old. Specializes in Ice-type Pokemon.

Leni Loud- 16 years old. Specializes in Water-type Pokemon.

Luna Loud- 15 years old. Specializes in Steel-type Pokemon.

Luan Loud- 14 years old. Specializes in Normal-type Pokemon.

Lynn Loud Jr.- 13 years old. Specializes in Fighting-type Pokemon.

Lily Loud- 15 months old. She merely plays with Pokemon, as she is too young to fully understand them.


Season 1

Episode 1- Pilot: Lincoln encounters a Pikachu in the backyard and tries to keep it a secret from his sisters.

Episode 2- Bug Catcher Lana: Lana tries to rescue a Caterpie from becoming lunch for her reptiles.

Episode 3- Awake at Night: Lucy is awoken by a strange murmur.

Episode 4- Lana and Lola's Eggcellent Adventure: The twins find a mysterious egg, but it rolls away while they bicker over who gets it.

Episode 5- The Evolution: Lana's Caterpie undergoes an unusual change.

Episode 6- Hatching a Plan: Lola's egg hatches into a new Pokemon!

Episode 7- The Nest: A nest of wild Eevee is discovered.

Episode 8- The Missing Link: Lisa invents a Pokemon trading system.

Episode 9- For The Love of Pokemon: Lola tries to show off the importance of Pokemon affection.

Episode 10- Stone Cold: Lisa mines up mysterious colored stones.

Episode 11- Pecking Order: Wild Spearow attack Lana's Metapod.

Episode 12- Nocturnal: Lucy discovers how differently Pokemon react at night.

Episode 13- Hidden Formations: Lana discovers a mysterious sparkling rock.

Episode 14- Peer Pressure: Lincoln is pressured by sisters to evolve his Eevee.

Episode 15- The Magnet Tunnel: The Louds discover an electric force.

Episode 16- Make Your Move: Lola's Togepi learns a mysterious new move.

Episode 17- Attack Programming: Lisa invents a Technical Machine to teach Pokemon a new move.

Episode 18- The Defense: The Loud siblings work together to defend a group of wild Pokemon being attacked.

Episode 19- The Woodland: Lana meets a mysterious owl Pokemon in the forest.

Episode 20- The Glow: Lola leads the Louds to an unknown glow.

Season 2: Alolan Outbreak

Episode 1- The Guardian: The Louds are entrusted with strange sparkling stones by a guardian from a distant land.

Episode 2- The Discovery: Lincoln discovers an outbreak of new Pokemon.

Episode 3- Processing Bugs: A glitch in Lisa's research software leads to the discovery of a teensy new Pokemon.

Episode 4- The Power of Z: The Louds attempt to find the meaning behind the sparkling stones. 

Episode 5- Mirror Matched: Lola and Lana discover different variations of one Pokemon!

Episode 6- Canine Chaos: Lincoln's new dog-like Pokemon gets into a disagreement with his own dog, Charles.

Episode 7- The Teensy Doll: Lucy finds a mysterious doll... that's alive!

Episode 8- Dance Battle: A Pokemon breaks loose in the dance academy that Lola attends.

Episode 9- Change in the Flowers: A strange new Pokemon appears in the Loud House's flower bed and appears to constantly change.

Episode 10- The Passive Predator:  A trip to the lake leads Lucy to discover a misunderstood Pokemon. 

Episode 11- Return to the Woods: Lana takes a journey through the woods. 

Episode 12- The Mysterious Masked Pokemon: A sneaky Pokemon steals Lisa's study notes. 

Episode 13- The Fiesty Little Cub: Lincoln meets a new Pokemon with a major temper.

Episode 14- Fruit Picking: Lola finds mysterious new berries growing. 

Episode 15- Ice Crystals: A new evolution stone is discovered. 

Episode 16- The Evolution of Discoveries: Lincoln's Litten undergoes changes.

Episode 17- Little Pokemon, Big Feud: Lola and Lana fight over a new Pokemon.

Episode 18- Going Digital: Lisa develops a Pokemon Storage System, which gains the disapproval of her siblings.

Episode 19- Shockwave: The Louds investigate a series of earthquakes.

Episode 20- Attic Attack: Lisa discovers a swarm of bat-like Pokemon in the attic.

Episode 21- She Knows: Lincoln finds out about an infestation of Pokemon in Ronnie Anne's new home city.

Episode 22- The Twins' Double Trouble: Lola and Lana work together to defend a stray group of Pokemon.

Episode 23- Size Matters: Lincoln's newly evolved Incineroar wants to stay in Lincoln's room, despite its size.

Episode 24- Chasing the Sun: Lincoln's Rockruff begins acting strangely.

Episode 25- Trouble with the Tinies: Bounsweet and Mareanie get lost after fighting with each other.

Episode 26- Class Pet: Lincoln unknowingly brings one of his Pokeballs to school.

Episode 27- Evolving in Style: When Lana's Diglett evolves, Lola grows jealous of the new Pokemon.

Episode 28- Into the Sparkling Cavern, Part 1: Lucy's Sparkling Stone appears to be attracted to a mysterious force.

Episode 29- Into the Sparkling Cavern, Part 2: The Louds enter a mysterious cave.

Episode 30- Into the Sparkling Cavern, Part 3: A large Pokemon attacks!

Season 3- Unlocking Z



  • The opening and ending themes are based on anime opening and ending themes.
    • The opening and Season 1 ending give the Louds and their Pokemon a minimalist appearance and uses their colors from the Loud House opening.
    • The opening in Season 2 adds Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio to the front when the logo appears and shows Lola's Togepi as a Togekiss, Lana's Caterpie as a Butterfree, and Lisa's Magnemite as a Magneton.
    • The Season 2 ending shows the Louds sleeping with their Pokemon after the events of the episode, much like a common anime ending.
      • The ending shows the sparkling stones instead of the Z-Rings in the first three episodes.
      • Charles appears in Lincoln's room in this ending, but only in the first episode.
      • Lisa is the only sleeping Loud to not be in her bed. She instead sleeps at her desk.
      • Noctowl, Mimikyu, and Charjabug are the only Pokemon that appear to be awake in the ending.
      • Lynn is the only minor human character to appear in this ending.
        • So far, she is also the only minor human character to appear in an ending.
    • The Season 3 ending is not fully planned, but it is said to involve Z-Crystals.
  • The "Into the Sparkling Cavern" episode, which is divided into three parts, marks the first multi-part episode.
  • The locations of Pokemon in the Alolan Outbreak ending:
    • Litten sleeps at the foot of Lincoln's bed. ( "The Discovery" through "Ice Crystals")
    • Torracat sleeps at the foot of Lincoln's bed with Cliff the cat. ("The Evolution of Discoveries" through "The Twins' Double Trouble")
      • Despite evolving in "She Knows", Torracat is not replaced by Incineroar until "Size Matters".
    • Incineroar sleeps on a rug on Lincoln's floor. ("Size Matters" onward)
    • Pikachu perches on Lincoln's front bed post, asleep. (full season)
    • Liepard curls up on Lincoln's floor. (until "Size Matters")
    • Liepard sleeps on the floor and puts its head on Incineroar's chest. ("Size Matters" onward)
    • Espeon lays in a loaf position on Lincoln's dresser. (left side in first five episodes and "Size Matters" onward, right side other times)
    • Rockruff lays on the left side of Lincoln's dresser. ("Canine Chaos" through "The Twins' Double Trouble)
    • Rockruff sleeps at the foot of Lincoln's bed. ("Size Matters")
    • Lycanroc sleeps at the foot of Lincoln's bed. ("Chasing the Sun" onward)
    • Stufful sleeps in the center of Lincoln's dresser with Bun-Bun on its back. ("The Fiesty Little Cub" onward)
    • Noctowl is perched on Lana's back bed post (at feet) on the left, awake. (full season)
    • Leafeon and Sylveon sleep at the feet of their trainer's beds. (full season)
    • Butterfree hovers in its sleep. (full series)
    • Vulcan and Pixel spread out on the floor and touch noses. ("Mirror Matched" onward, imagery changes as they evolve)
    • Oricorio and Walt are perched on Lola's front (head) bed post on the left. ("Change in the Flowers" onward)
      • Oricorio is, oddly, on the wrong side of the room.
    • Rowlet sits on top of Lana's alarm clock. ("Return to the Woods" through "She Knows")
    • Dartrix perches on Lana's front bed post on the right. ("The Twins' Double Trouble" onward)
    • Togekiss hovers in its sleep. (full series)
    • Dedenne pops out of Lola's nightstand drawer along with Geo.
    • Popplio sleeps between the twins' nightstands. ("Dance Battle" through "She Knows")
    • Brionne sleeps between the twins' nightstands. ("The Twins' Double Trouble" onward)
    • Bounsweet sits on top of Lola's alarm clock. ("Fruit Picking" onward)
    • Comfey hangs on a coat rack on the wall. ("Going Digital" onward)
    • Diglett appears in a plant pot. ("Shockwave" onward)
    • Magneton is seen hovering in its sleep in the corner of the shot. (full season)
    • Jolteon sleeps under Lisa's desk. (full season)
    • Grubbin sleeps on Lisa's PC. ("Processing Bugs" through "Shockwave")
    • Charjabug appears on top of Lisa's disc drive. ("Attic Attack" onward)
    • Salandit sleeps on Lisa's clipboard. ("The Mysterious Masked Pokemon" onward)
    • Sandslash sleeps with Lisa's wastebin between its legs. ("Ice Crystals" onward)
    • Noibat sleeps next to Lisa's PC, seeming to resemble a speaker. ("Attic Attack" onward)
    • Pumpkaboo sleeps under Lucy's bed sheet. (full season)
    • Umbreon sleeps at the bottom of Lucy's nightstand. (full season)
    • Phantump sleeps on Lucy's nightstand. (full season)
    • Mimikyu peeks out from under Lucy's bed. ("The Teensy Doll" onward)
    • Mareanie sleeps flopped over on the floor near Lynn's stray sports equipment. ("The Passive Predator" onward)
    • Cutiefly sleeps on top of Lucy's lamp. ("Little Pokemon, Big Feud" onward)