Pilot is the pilot of The Marvelous Adventures of Luna and Luan


Luna and Luan meet their new performing arts teacher, Mrs. Act


Luna and Luan were in their room discussing their new teachers, when one of them brings up their performing arts teacher, then they each go on about how awesome she is when they finally realize they have the same teacher. At first, they are excited, then when they hear she is combining music and comedy, they each worry that they won't be her favorite student anymore. They then decide to turn on each other until they know who the favorite is.

After a week of this going on, they are miserable and decide to separately tell Lincoln about their problems. Lincoln tells them to reconcile because their friendship is more important than being a teachers pet.

At school, they apologize to each other and in class that day, and Mrs. Act tells those two in private, that she holds them higher than everyone else. Luna and Luan are excited that they are both teachers pets, and can still be best friends. Then at the house the sisters are arguing over t.v. when Luna and Luan walk in, taking it as nothing, the sisters walk upstairs happily. Seeing this, Lincoln smiles because his plan worked, ending the episode.